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Sep 10, 2013
For sale is a like new 4-bay FreeNAS Mini with optional HDD configuration (read below)
Bare system (with upgraded RAM): $600 (45% off new price)

4x 3TB HDD (3/4 in warranty): $250 ($50 off with system, total $850)
4x 5TB HDD (all 4 in warranty): $450 ($50 off with system, total $1,000)
System plus all 8 disks: $100 discount, total of $1,200
Shipping (FreeNAS Mini bare or with HDDs): $50


    • Small Form factor with 4 Hot-Swap SATA drive bays
    • Dimensions: 8.40" W x 11.0"D x 9.45" H (213 x 280 x 240mm)
    • Weight:– 10.8lb (without drives)
    • 32GB ECC Memory (upgraded from stock)
    • SATA DOM (16GB) boot device
    • 2x On-board Gigabit network controllers
    • 1x Dedicated IPMI port
    • 3x USB ports
    • Slots: 1x PCI-Express 2.0 x8 Slot
    • SATA: 8x SATA3 Ports, 4x SATA2 Ports
    • Super quiet and energy efficient design

Attached are SMART reports that have been run on schedule.

To verify warranty status, go to Warranty Status | WD Support

List of all 8 serial numbers for convenience: WCC4N7XV1HEH, WCC4N3JER5NP, WCC4N1NL0NNS, WCC4N2YPJDR0, WX21D45C7LUX, WX21D25HEEXV, WX71D65JEA36, WX91D6535EN0

WCC4N7XV1HEH: Out of warranty
WCC4N3JER5NP: Just out of warranty on 1/10/2018
WCC4N1NL0NNS: Just out of warranty on 1/10/2018
WCC4N2YPJDR0: 2/13/2018

WX21D45C7LUX: 5/12/2019
WX21D25HEEXV: 5/12/2019
WX71D65JEA36: 5/12/2019
WX91D6535EN0: 5/12/2019

Formal specs and pretty pictures: FreeNAS Mini

I purchased this system brand new from iXsystems in 2015. The system runs ZFS, and is as close to silent as possible. It is whisper quiet, and is a strong performer. It far outpaces the prepackaged systems like Qnap/Synology, especially when you start adding packages like Plex transcoding, CrashPlan, or other utilities. I have installed a fresh copy of FreeNAS 11.1, and I would be happy to preconfigure the IPMI and FreeNAS network settings for the buyer, for a painless setup.

I have had the system powered off for the last year since consolidating on to my larger FreeNAS system. I am located in Dallas, Texas and there is no charge for local pickup.
I do have an eBay account: p271 with 29 reviews and Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 100%

PayPal available for payment. I can post this on eBay if that helps with buyer protection.
You can also message me through my profile.


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