FreeNAS on Dell R430 with 1 Windows VM - Possible?


Jul 16, 2019
Hello the community,

That is my first post here so I hope I will do it right.

The title says it all.
I have ordered a Dell R430 Server coming very soon (had a good deal on it)
My goal is to populate it with as much drive as possible and run FreeNAS to run ZFS and share data across our Lan network at the office.

However, it's not the important part.
What I would like to have is a Windows VM running on it as I have a software (BimCloud Server) which runs either on Mac or Windows.
Right now, it is running on a MacMini Server and it's super slow for loading/saving files (1GB per Archicad project).

I only have 1 machine to do both (sorry, no choices here) so I need to figure it out.
I know that FreeNAS can run Windows VM using bhyve but is it stable enough to run in production?!

As a test, I've create a Windows 10 VM on my FreeNAS home Server (11.2-U5) running on my MacPro 2012 and it did restart a few times while installing. Sometimes I could not even access the VNC viewer and had to stop/start the VM again. I was not able to get to the Desktop.
I might have done it wrong, possibly.
Anyhow, can someone confirm if this is too risky to run Windows 10 on a VM under FreeNAS yet?

Other option is to run XCP-NG with ZFS but setting up shared folders will be slightly harder as I will have to deal with the Samba config manually.

Thanks for your help.