FreeNAS 8 mountroot error

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Sep 4, 2011
Hey guys!

First off, sorry to annoy you eith this noob shit...

But no matter what I try, FreeNAS won't boot on my Shuttle K45 build. I wanted to try out this small sized nas system and installed it from a live cd (most recent rc) and installed it to A cheap 2gb USB thumbdrive.
But if I boot up the system - the log says something about GPT invalid and forces me to manually mount root.

Well, I've found a topic inthe bug report section and there seems to be a solution to this - but I'm unable to fix the GPT. Bug or not, I'm willingly mount this every startup myself - but it won't accept anything. What to do now? I just want to try out FreeNAS but it won't even boot up, always mountroot error.

So pls, can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm somewhat unfamiliar with free bsd ...
Not open for further replies.