FreeNAS 11.1 on KVM Guest as iSCSI target with thin storage

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Feb 5, 2018
I am working to setup a KVM/Qemu virtual environment for a piece of software that needs to believe it is writing to an iscsi endpoint. I don't have any real 'extra/unused' storage available, so I need to map storage to a directory on the host. For this reason, I couldn't figure out a way to just use KVM 'virsh pool' commands to create an iscsi pool. This led me to find FreeNAS. My intention is to have FreeNAS running as another KVM/Guest in my virtual host and present an iscsi endpoint that maps to a thin provisioned storage (directory) on the host. I now have FreeNAS running inside KVM as a Guest; I am able to get the serial console text menu (Console Setup), and I can connect to the Web Server Mgmt Interface, and all seems well.

Can anyone give guidance / tips for how to create an iscsi endpoint in FreeNAS that is backed by a thin partition that points to a directory on the host? Or point me to something int the document that helps (I've looked but have not found...). Do I need to use virsh define-pool-as with 'dir' to create the thin partition and then have FreeNAS use that? I appreciate any help.

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