1. B

    NFS Share Debian

    Hi, i use UCS (Debian based distibution) VM on my Proxmox KVM Host. I want to use NFS share on ucs from my freenas. i want to use the fstab to auto mount after boot, but it did not work. When i manual type "mount -a" after reboot, the nfs is mounted and i can use it. But the automatic mount...
  2. A

    UPS Service not starting, Solved

    Hi My APC Backup-CS USB Stopped working this week, so I got the emails every 5 minutes. However it did not do this on every boot (power reconfigurations this week so rebooting a few times) Tried to manually restart the service, failed. Unplugged and re-inserted UPS usb connector, no go. Then...
  3. B

    iSCSI / NFS / Snapshot KVM / Proxmox

    Hi, i use a freenas nfs stroage for my two node proxmox cluster for a while. But i asking myself why freenas don´t publish features for kvm ve whitch for VMware. I did not understand why there is no solution to use snapshots for kvm environment like for VMware. Or can you tell me to use Freenas...
  4. S

    FreeNAS 11.1 on KVM Guest as iSCSI target with thin storage

    Hello, I am working to setup a KVM/Qemu virtual environment for a piece of software that needs to believe it is writing to an iscsi endpoint. I don't have any real 'extra/unused' storage available, so I need to map storage to a directory on the host. For this reason, I couldn't figure out a way...
  5. D

    FreeNAS Network Shares Mounted in Ubuntu (w/ Plex, KVM)

    Hello FreeNAS forums! I've been banging my head against this issue for a couple weeks now and thought it time to seek out some help. I. Summary I have one FreeNAS server and one server running Ubuntu. I would like to run Plex in a docker on the Ubuntu server and have the Plex config and media...
  6. itvend

    VirtIO poor performance!

    I have question what do i have to do to get better performance? I am running FreeNAS 11 in VM and i am not getting very good speeds with virtio. Download 60Mbytes and upload 40Mbytes. i tested my virtual network. Every other vm achieves 100Mbytes/s speed and even my pFSense in VM work fine. i...