Does FreeNAS access the drives when not in use?

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Dec 6, 2014
You know back in the early 80s all computers had a technology that was a predecessor to ECC RAM.

Right, I still remember parity RAM.

But, there were problems. If you had a job where you worked on things that required accurate math (engineering, etc.) you were expressly forbidden from using anything from Apple because the risk of data corruption in RAM was too likely to risk.

Modern DRAM production seems to be reliable enough to usually produce something that'll (generally) work for a few years. Trouble is, of course, you won't know when it's failed until it just stops working. Just another form of cost-cutting (and artificial market segmentation) that can be used to keep profits for the high end stuff up, while keeping the consumer stuff cheap and disposable.

Hooray for racing to the bottom, huh?
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