create storage failed: cfs-lock 'file-storage_cfg' error: got lock request timeout (500


Feb 23, 2024
I successfully created an NFS share between my Proxmox server and TrueNAS Scale. It ran fine for several days. I then reworked my network connections because I hadn't set them up correctly. This included changing the IP of the TrueNAS server. All my messing around with the network connections caused the Proxmox backup to hang as well as portions of Proxmox. I was able to clean up Proxmox by deleting its NFS mount to TureNAS. When I went to re-add it, I got the error:

create storage failed: cfs-lock 'file-storage_cfg' error: got lock request timeout (500
When setting up the mount, I entered the server id and got a drop down list that contained the available shares (only one in this case) so I know it was connecting to the NAS.

I also have an SMB mount on the Proxmox to TrueNAS that works fine.

I haven't tried deleting and re-adding the share. Is that my only choice?

I deleted the share and re-added it. I now get a timeout. As above, I can select the share. I'll try to find the log files.

I stopped and restarted the NFS share service and it started working. I thought I had done it before. I love easy fixes.
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