CLI Create Admin User

Feb 13, 2021
I was having trouble with my Bluefin system upgrading to Cobia. It wouldn't generate the config prior to upgrade. Even after generating the config manually, and attempting to skip the config create, I couldn't get it to move forward. It just spun. So I upgraded with an update file via CLI and that seemingly went fine. But now I can't log in.

I had been using root, which I see is now deprecated. I didn't have an alternate admin user, so I ssh'd in with root and created a new user with account user create username=admin password=<password> group_create=true home_create=true full_name="My Name" sudo_commands_nopasswd="ALL". That doesn't allow me to ssh or log in with the web console. Neither my root login nor admin account work with the web console.

What do I need to do from here, to be able to log into the web console with administrative permissions?


Bug Conductor
Aug 18, 2023
You can still use the root user, although we do not recommend this and we have altered users at some point this will likey be removed.
Here is a link on creating an admin user: