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Zun Gunz

Feb 14, 2018
Hi all.

Just not to being too late I would introduce myself, not in short shot style.

Somewhat ancient, does anybody remember when there wasn't any winchester if not the rifle?
Somewhat not new to the matter, started with BSD on VAX, early 80's.
Somewhat hammering with boxes since forever but still trying avoiding pitfalls and other kind of sudden failures.
Still abusing manuals and handbooks as to follow on leaning processes and to educate myself.

FreeNAS seems to be affordable even for me.
I am currently wetting my foots into a mock-up installation.
As to make myself more acquainted to it, with my mistakes and my misunderstood.

The forum is quite not elusive and thus remarkable. Also the DOc seems to me really well done for today.
By example: the current version FreNAS 11.1-U2 User Guide resemble much more an handbook. It is counter parted by very short in language and poorer about real life facts.
I would move my actual/old synology 4xHe10 TB onto something more up to speed and dynamically more manageable, flexible.
That's a personal approach for my own purposes. Family data and mechanical backups - done to workout nasty PC/Mac/MINT arising failures. So, I plan to round it up as a share in between platforms, back-upper for each of those. But the most performance demanding will be store-to-play music stuff. Pure store-to-application for whatsoever liquid-music, FLAC and WAV.
Hope not to broken it all when almost done, that's why I am mocking on my actual I7-5820K WS. Using other poorer machines as small soldiers to try it all.

I just left the start block, with great hopes for performances and manageability, looking for suggestions.

Thanks, CU on the Forum.



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Sep 12, 2014
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