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Altering home share permissions

peter boos

Junior Member
Sep 21, 2020
I'd like to know in Freenas web UI, when one shares a folder.
you set owner and group settings on the top left for a share.
Then on the right side specific group dacls are set.

In our case on the top left the group needs to be changed.
And i wonder if i would do that what the effect will be ?.

Will all underlying sub directories change ???,
ea i wont like the idea that recursively applied permissions, would alter the subfolder permissions of the share HOME.
The ./HOME/userXXX folders should keep their dacls (file folder permissions).

In NTFS WINDOWS share terms, i only like to change the shared for group settings, but I like to keep the existing file and dir permissions
( users must keep access to their own home folder only ).

Samuel Tai

Never underestimate your own stupidity
Apr 24, 2020
Subdirectories won't change unless you check the recursive box.