About to build my first NAS

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Oct 7, 2011
Hello FreeNAS world,

The reason I need a NAS system is because I am moving and my new place is to small to have a desktop so I am forced to move to a laptop but I have to much crap that I need to have access to.

This might sound stupid to most of you but your help is greatly appreciated. I was looking at synology and qnap, which to be honest seemed to be to expensive and not enough flexibility features wise. (or maybe I am being an idiot and one of these systems would be a better choice for me)

The following is what I will use the NAS for:
Streaming music, videos, and pictures (itunes support would be nice)
All my information will be saved here
Accessible by all my electronics devices within the home (iPad, iPhone, android, laptop)
Finally be able to access my files from anywhere (would be nice but not a deal breaker)

My first thought was to get a HP Micro-server and just up the memory to 8GB, mainly because I loved the size and required very little assembly work on my part. This is where my questions comes into play, is it worth buying the HP Micro-server for my needs or build my own? If so, can you please help me with the components I should consider. I will only in the beginning use 2 HDD and later at the maximum 4 HDD and even that is a stretch.


Jun 1, 2011
I'd advise you to buy the HP Microserver (N36L, or the updated N40L) unless you really want to build your own at additional cost. The Microservers are cheap, quiet, work great with FN8, have secure removable disk bays and several people here have them.

The only problem I've encountered with the HP Microserver (N36L variety) is due to the onboard Broadcom NIC which has problems with FreeBSD under heavy network load - I replaced it with a cheap Intel CT NIC and never looked back.
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