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    我使用的FreeNAS是最新版本U4.1。想在VM中安装一个Windows做备用,有事儿就临时用下,但发现无法引导啊! 我安装了CentOS,很顺利,因为在引导过程中挂在CentOS的ISO文件可以找到EFI引导文件。 在安装Win7/Win10的过程中,即使挂载相应的ISO原版文件,也找不到EFI引导文件也就无法引导“按任意键进入....”那个界面,每次启动不论我动作多快都会直接进入到EFI Shell中,然后用exit命令进入EFI的Setup界面也找不到相应的引导文件,而CentOS是可以的。 请问大家有人成功安装Win7或者Win10吗?如何操作? 谢谢!
  2. spacecabbie

    Several Questions VM issue / Memory / SSD install / Jails

    Hi all, Been working with Freenas for about a year now maybe. I have some questions i saved up: 1. I have 16gb of memory I run Plex / nzbget / sonarr / radarr / transmission / plexpy / webserver (spotnet) CPU: 0.0% user, 0.0% nice, 0.0% system, 0.0% interrupt, 99.9% idle Mem: 53M Active...
  3. A

    How do you start/stop VMs from shell?

    I've written a script that shuts down a VM, snapshots it, sends the snapshot to a file and backs that file up to an online backup. I find it better to snapshot backups while the VM is offline to prevent file system errors (starting up from a snapshot of when the VM was running is equivalent to a...
  4. Jacob H. Weeks

    I cannot start a VM in FreeNAS 11

    Please help me folks. I have upgraded my FreeNAS OS when I found out that a stable release was available for my system. I used the update/upgrade feature from within the FreeNAS web GUI. I found the new VM option and wanted to give it a go, but could not get it to start. I have tried everything...
  5. M

    SOLVED VMs Not Starting in WebGUI

    Hi everyone, First post, so bear with me. I've been having an issue starting virtual machines that I had created in the FreeNAS 11.0-RELEASE WebGUI. They are VMs with Ubuntu Server installed (16.04) and they've been running for months already. I've restarted them before for basic maintenance...
  6. Caleb Surface

    SOLVED VM doesn't boot till I VNC to it

    Hi, all! I couldn't find another thread discussing this so here it goes! I successfully created a Windows 10 VM that runs fantastic! The only problem is that everytime it needs to boot, I have to connect to it via VNC first. The autostart option is checked, so it shouldn't be that. Any thoughts?
  7. M

    FreeNAS 11 - start VM from command line

    Hello, I have created VM in FreeNAS 11 web interface, all works ok. But I need periodically stop VM, revert snapshot and start VM. I can't found solution for start VM from command line. bhyvectl not see my VM iohyve not see my VM vm command give error : /usr/local/sbin/vm: ERROR: $vm_enable is...