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usb boot

  1. nonjtjt

    Freenas-boot pool DEGRADED while scrub boot pool itself twice!!

    Hi there, I experience this twice in a month. From the alarm date-time tag The boot pool was DEGRADED while scrubbing the boot pool itself. I already reinstall the OS in new USB stick. But afraid of happening again. I have zfs check down here. vvvvv This one is the first time: pool...
  2. U

    System unresponsive, USB Booting OS failed - again.

    (Server's offline atm, so going by memory a bit here, so please bear with me) I've a 'new' HPE microserver (gen.10 IIRC) that I've loaded with 4 WD's (4GB?), in a ZRAID config, one of which is a hot spare. I've opted to replace the optic drive with a SSD for.... SSD stuff. Been running a few...
  3. L

    Trouble Creating Installation USB from 11.2 ISO

    Hello. There seems to be an issue in creating a bootable USB from the 11.2-U4.1 ISO. I've tried multiple programs including Win32 Disk Imager, Rufus and Power ISO to name a few. Every attempt results in the same outcome, the creation fails and the USB stick is rendered semi-bricked. This has...
  4. macosxgeek

    USB boot device has corrupted sectors - what's the best way to replace it with new USB and upgrade

    Hi, I'm running FreeNAS server which basically boots from USB stick. Here are some details on the server itself: FreeBSD <my_hostname_here> 9.3-RELEASE-p13 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p13 #4 r281084+c7bb047: Wed Apr 15 15:03:01 PDT 2015...
  5. B

    Recover from USB boot drive failure

    I have a server that I was booting from USB to load FreeNAS and the USB key got damaged. Is there a way to create a new USB boot key and have FreeNAS load the existing configuration of the system?
  6. Monkey_Demon

    Boot device: USB or M.2 2280

    Hello, I'm building a NAS drive with a Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard and trying to decide what to use as the boot device, and I'm asking you for advice. The board can boot off of any one of several possible devices, but the two most likely options are a USB flash drive or a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 x2...
  7. C

    Boot Loader on Mirrored Boot Device

    I was setting up a mirrored boot device (per after I had a single USB device die and fail to boot. The previous and new device was setup to boot in Legacy (Non-EFI) mode. I added a second (to be mirrored) device, and set it to...
  8. Krowvin

    What mayhem can a faulty boot drive cause?

    I would like to know if anyone has experienced odd behavior with their boot drives (USB). To preface, I used to use the Sandisk Cruiser Fit 16GB x2. For the last year or so I've been using two Patriot 16GB flash drives. I kept my drives in a mirrored configuration thinking it would be great to...
  9. I

    Core backup skipping media content folder

    Hello guys, As the title says, what is the easiest way to backup FreeNAS core (jails, configs) skipping media folders (which in my case are /mnt/disk1/(movies|series))? My FreeNAS is installed on a USB-drive inside a mini-server (HP microserver gen8), while jail data is stored on...
  10. Jab2870

    Install FreeNAS on 2008 mac pro

    Hi, I am new to FreeNAS and BSD in general so my apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I have been given a 2008 Mac Pro that has been upgraded quite a lot and I thought could be used as a storage server, mostly because it can be upgraded a lot. It currently has 8GB of ram and I have...
  11. L

    SOLVED FreeNAS USB Boot on GigaByte EP-43 UD3L with F8 bios

    I installed FreeNAS to my 8 GB USB drive from the FreeNAS 11 iso which I created. The install proceeded without error. But when I removed the CD and plugged theUSB drive into the Gigabyte board and rebooted, bios would hang at the Gigabyte splash screen. Over a day I tried many things...