update error

  1. M

    Error When trying to update FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE

    I'm currently running FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE. I tried to install the update that's available and I get this error message "Cannot remove file /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.26/mach/CORE/handy.h". I'm new to FreeNAS and could use your guys help on this, what do I need to do so that I can get my FreeNAS to...
  2. A

    Can't update plex on FreeNAS 11.2

    I recently updated my Freenas server to 11.2 and I reinstalled plex as a new iocage jail. I just noticed today that there is an update to the plex plugin. I looked in the Freenas User Guide under section 13.2 and found that updating a plugin happens under jails. I go there and see under the plex...
  3. Jacopx

    Only 11.2-RC2 available

    Buongiorno a tutti, I have change the train and trying to search the new 11.2 (I'm in 11.1-U6), but it shows me only 11.2-RC2. I have also tried to reboot the system but nothing has changed. I think that there is somekind of caches for updates. How can I wipe it? Thanks in advance! ;)
  4. M

    Upgraded from 11.1U2 to U4, then U5. 10GbE SMB and NFS no longer work. How to diagnose?

    Can anyone suggest how I can find the root cause of my problem? I hate taking shots in the dark. Thanks in advance! Symptom: From the time I set this server up about 6 months ago until last week I was able to access SMB and NFS shares over 10GbE connections from all my other machines...
  5. rwfitzy

    FATAL ERROR applying 9.3 updates

    I have a FreeNAS 9.3-STABLE I need to update to version 11-STABLE. I found some updates pending and applied, then received this Alert: CRITICAL: Update failed. Check /data/update.failed for further details. Then I found this in the update log... FATAL ERROR - The following SQL query failed...
  6. M

    Boot loop updating from 11.0-U3 to U4

    Hi everyone, I have a FreeNAS server running from a USB 3.0 flash drive (config file is backed up). Yesterday I attempted to update from 11.0-U3 to U4 (a seemingly minor update), however, the machine now does not boot. It reaches the boot config screen where disks are detected reporting 6...
  7. A

    Update Error

    I am having issues with getting my updates automatically downloaded. I think it may be blocking me from getting plugins as well. I have read and read, changed a bunch of settings from other threads. Since none of that has worked I am now asking for a little more personal help. I am attaching my...
  8. James Snell

    Update from 9.10.2 rendered unbootable system

    This is kind of a half-assed bug report. Problem Upon running the update system on a completely completely fresh installation of FreeNAS from the 9.10.2 ISO that I just downloaded, the system was rendered unbootable. I saw various healthy-looking messages fly by in the Console as it appeared to...
  9. takkischitt

    FreeNAS-9.10.2 update failed - cannot use GUI interface now

    Hi I just applied the FreeNAS-9.10.2 update, but there seems to be a problem. Everything seemed to go OK, until I activated the new version and rebooted the system. When it restarted, I am getting a critical alert. There is also the following message in the main window of the web interface...
  10. nameBrandon

    Update issue / Update.py and missing sequence file

    Build FreeNAS-9.10.2 (a476f16) Platform Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5520 @ 2.27GHz Memory 73688MB System Time Wed Dec 28 09:22:00 CST 2016 Uptime 9:22AM up 8 mins, 0 users Load Average 0.08, 0.44, 0.36 Ran the update to FreeNAS-9.10.2 (a476f16), and it hung at 'installing FreeNASUI (5/5)' at 100%...
  11. C

    FreeNAS 9.10 will NOT update

    OK. Since I allowed FreeNAS to automatically update my system to 9.10, I can no longer update the system. I get an " <urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known>" error. So I need help with resolving this issue without losing all the data on my drives. I am pretty...