1. hendry

    rclone feature request

    I need rclone to be able to * exclude files * support --fast-list So wrt #66792 it says it's closed. Does that mean it's implemented? How do I help test...
  2. Vincent Saelzler

    iSCSI Performance: Par for the Course?

    I am wondering whether IO the performance I am experiencing in iSCSI-backed VMs is expected for my hardware. I know the 5400 RPM drives are going to slow things down, but I still feel it might be slower than it should be. I've just started up a two test VMs to see how things work. I anticipate...
  3. F

    NFS sync and async puzzle

    Hi, I decide to make this post after a couple of hours searching on google. Maybe my google-fu is not good, please forgive me if my question is dumb. So I started to build my freenas server with two expensive nvme SSD which are put in lz4 compressed mirror without SLOG. I export them as NFS via...
  4. G

    SOLVED (w/work around): dropbox sync error on FreeNAS-11.2-U3

    Hi All, Trying to setup a dropbox sync for the first time using the System Cloud Credentials and Cloud Sync Tasks method outlined in this blog post ( I have it partially working but am getting an error that I don't know how to...
  5. B

    GCP credentials, forbidden

    Hi all, I'm running FreeNAS 11.2-U2.1 on ESXi 6.5, FreeBSD 64-bit. This is not meant for production, merely to have a proof of concept before going out and buying a ton of hardware. I'm trying to get the FreeNAS box to replicate to a GCP bucket. I created a service account, gave it relevant...
  6. C

    Cloud sync task overlap behavior?

    I didn't really find anything in the documentation or other research, but what's the behavior if a cloud sync task overlaps itself? Say I have a task that runs weekly (starts midnight Sunday). If the cloud sync task runs long enough that the next week arrives, will the task start another sync or...
  7. S

    Rclone for OneDrive - How do I sync?

    Hi guys So ive been playing about with rclone on FreeNAS to sync my onedrive to my server. The issue ive come into is even when using the sync option on both the push and pull tasks, it does sync like for example the onedrive client. To elaborate on what i mean - If I make a file on the...
  8. M

    sync=always slow on mirrored SSD used as SLOG

    Hi All, newbie here. Am I wrong thinking that setting sync=always on a volume with a dedicated ZIL (SLOG) will have faster write performance? because I am getting different results. I have a FreeNAS mini XL with 4 off 4TB WD red in Raid Z2 with 2 off 256 GB Samsung SSD used as SLOG (mirrored)...
  9. A

    Custom amazon S3 sync task. Copy empty directories.

    Hi, I've noticed that when creating a task that will PUSH data from my volume to S3 bucket , empty directories are not being uploaded. Is there a way to achieve this? And / or to tune up the process? Thank you!
  10. B

    FreeNAS First Build - 32TB - Backup/Sync/Media server

    Hi, This month I'm building my first FreeNAS config. The goal is to have a system as quiet and economic as possible (I live in an apartment and the server will sit in the living room on a corner). I also want to have a budget below CHF 2000.- (around USD 2150). After carefully reading the...
  11. J

    Selective Sync between two on-site NASs (Synology and FreeNAS)

    Hey guys! tldr; I'm trying to get two NASs to sync their data from separate sites, the problem being both of them are going to have data that changes daily. One of them is a Synology that's come with our new branch, and the other is a FreeNAS box (3TB vs. 12TB) so I need to selectively sync...