1. ninjaneer68

    Question on expanding zpool ( raidz1 )

    I have a 12 bay server I put freenas on. I think I just messed up expanding my storage. I currently have 8 drives now which are 2 sets of raidz1-0 and raidz1-2 I just added 3 more drives and extended my previous volume with the three drives I just purchased. I am thinking I messed up and should...
  2. E

    Freenas share not browsable

    Hello, i have installed freenas for the second time (last time was with the legazy ui). I have set my nas box up with smb share. In the UI it says the share is browsable on the local network, but i can not find it... i can find the freenas box under network on my win10 pc, but i can not find or...
  3. MediaManRIT

    Dataset vs Volume Space

    I searched the forums, and haven't come up with an answer that makes sense. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I just created a new RAIDZ1-0 array of 4 6TB disks. I expected the total available space to be about 6TB x 3 disks = 18TB (one drive for parity, aka RAID5). Sure...
  4. C

    SOLVED Unable to complete enrypted drive unlock

    I began to notice very poor performance of my FreeNAS earlier today (taking ~20min to do an rsync dry run that would usually be done in 20 seconds). After trying a couple of times, I discovered that my previously unlocked encrypted volume had locked itself. When I try to unlock it, I get stuck...
  5. victorhooi

    Safe way to import a degraded RAID-Z1 pool in read-only?

    Hi, tl;dr - Can you import a RAID-Z1 pool in a degraded state in read-only mode? Is this safe? I'm migrating a large (around 20TB) of data from one FreeNAS machine to another. Both machines are running FreeNAS 11. The old machine is RAID-Z1, with 4 x 8TB drives. The new machine is RAID-Z1...
  6. Grinas

    adding disk to upgrade mirror array

    Hey, I have a 3TB mirror array but it after reaching the 80% usage limit. Im just wondering if i was to add another 1 or 2 disks to the array could upgrade it to a RAIDZ1 or RAIDZ2 array or will i have to copy everything off an create another array from scratch? If yes, how would i go about...
  7. S

    Adding Mirror to RAIDZ1

    I currently have a RAIDZ1 made up of 4x2TB drives. I've recently decommissioned an old 4Bay NAS that also at 4x2TB drives in it. I've mounted the new drives and they are ready to go, what I would like to do is take these 4 drives and make it a mirror of the existing RAIDZ1 set. Is this...
  8. L

    RAIDZ1 not import FreeNAS 9.10

    I have a Raiz1 pool and one of the disks called a spare gave it a defect and with that I can not mount the volume anymore and so I do not import the discs back. Please, I need a way. Thank you very much! FreeNAS 9.10 Raiz1 03 disks.
  9. G

    Dissimilar VDEV's in a ZPOOL - Missing space?

    Hey there! Long time lurker first time poster. Running: FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5) I have the following setup installed to a 24-bay personal server in rows of four. This was a clean build, nothing transitioned or upgraded. 4x 6TB WD Red 8x 3TB WD Red My hope was to use each row as its own...
  10. Nerdlinger

    Why mirror?

    Ive read a few posts indicating that raidz1 is not preferred on large drives due to failure rates. However i think i have read that mirroring is ok. Can anyone explain why? Is mirroring more reliable somehow due to the way resilvering works? Right now i just have a pair of drives, but when i...
  11. A

    FreeNAS erweitern/umziehen auf RAIDZ1

    Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand bei meinem Problem weiterhelfen. Momentan verrichtet ein FreeNas-Server mit Plex-Plugin, NextCloud und Windowsfreigabe erfolgreich seine Dienste. FreeNas 9.10 ist momentan auf einem USB Stick installiert. Soweit bin ich zufrieden, doch die verbaute 3TB WD Red ist...
  12. ajschot

    Doubts about 1 or 2 vdevs

    Hi everyone, I am testing my new Freenas with old drives just so i kan mess it up and i won't loose any data. It is fun and much faster then my ReadyNAS. My hardware: AMD A8-7600 ASRock FM2A88X Pro3+ 32Gb RAM DDR3 1600 Crusial Blistix Sport CL9 (2kits of 2x8GB) 16Gb USB3 for FreeNAS HDD's will...
  13. R

    Adding a third drive

    I have a feeling that this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it anywhere. I have a two 3 TB drives mirrored FreeNAS setup with data on the drives. I have added a new 3 TB drive to the computer. I cannot figure out how to add that drive to the existing setup. When I initially ran...
  14. Joe S.

    Adding/Replacing a HDD

    Hi all, Some years ago I set it up for a client the FreeNAS 8.2 with 4 of 1TB Seagate HDD in raidz1. One of the HDD failed and I removed before set it to Offline for replacement, therefore I do not see it on the list in "Volume Status". The raidz1 is degraded. I installed new 1TB SSD and it...