1. Theapplefuture

    Release 11.2-RELEASE missing, will attempt to fetch it.

    Hello Everybody, Yesterday I wanted to install a Plex Plugin but it showed me the Message "Release 11.2-RELEASE missing, will attempt to fetch it." when it was at 50% of installation. I tried to recreate this on other machines (another Hardware NAS and several VMs on my PC - all with different...
  2. A

    create own Plugins

    Hello everybody, I'm not sure if there is already a thread like this, if so please share the link with me, that would be very nice. My question is, if there is any option to create a FreeNAS Plugin by myself and install it on my Server? I'm looking for an Plugin like Plex but for Games (Web...
  3. G

    Upgraded to 11.2 how to transfer plugins?

    I need to use the legacy interface to access plugins installed before 11.2. Is it possible to update the plugins so I can access them from the new interface in such a way that it doesn't lose any data?
  4. mario000

    Passaggio plugin owncloud a NEXTCLOUD

    Salve a tutti, utilizzo owncloud da parecchio tempo, e prima periodicamente veniva rilasciato l'aggiornamento direttamente da freenas, e in maniera molto comoda bastava cliccare sul pulsante "aggiorna" per fare tutto. Adesso invece e da un pò che per owncloud non vengono rilasciati...
  5. Clouseau

    FreeNAS 11.1 U6 Upgrade => Resilio wont start

    Hi, I made a FreeNAS upgrade from 11.1 U5 version to 11.1 U6 version. I have two plugins in use Owncloud and Resilio. Owncloud plugin work normally but Resilio fails to start. Problem with these plugins are that it's no GUI to logs. Actually here is no GUI for any logs. OK thats's of the...
  6. L

    Upgraded 11.1-U5 to 11.2-Beta - Lost my plugins and jails

    I did the upgrade using the GUI to upgrade to the new version. Unfortunately the system hung up hard and I had to reboot. When I did, it came up in 11.2 but my jails and plugins were missing. I do not know if this is a side effect of upgrading or of it failing part way through. Should my jails...
  7. M

    FN11.2-BETA1 can't create plugin

    When I try to install any plugin (I've tried sonarr, sabnzbd and couchpotato) I get a dialog box in the UI: Title: [priority,] message string Body: Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  8. R

    Plugin does not show up in Dashboard plugins/installed after install

    All, I have installed two pluging (Plex and GitLab) on 11.2-Beta, the following has been observed. 1) install with dhcp - unable to install with a static IP Address (different problem - maybe) 2) look in plugins/install and they are shown 3) change the IP address of the Jail (only for GitLab)...
  9. C

    Unified access to FreeNAS services

    These posts were originally posted on the FreeNAS subreddit, I'm copying them here with the hope of reaching more people. POST1 My FreeNAS machine is currently running Transmission, Plex, Sickrage and Couchpotato and I want to be able to access those services securely from outside of my...
  10. prototype0815

    Android Device via USB an FreeNAS als Storage einrichten

    Hey folks, ich versuche mein Galaxy S8 an mein FreeNAS Server als Speichermedium anzuschliessen. Mein vorhaben ist, Daten per USB3.0 oder USB3.1 schneller auf mein Gerät drauf zu schieben. Leider finde ich keine passende Lösung für mein Vorhaben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir mit...
  11. E

    Devo per forza usare IP differenti per ogni Plugin?

    Dalla domanda si capisce bene cosa voglio ottenere, preferirei usare Transmission sullo stesso IP del server FreeNas o in alternativa far utilizzare lo stesso IP a tutti Plugin si può fare ? con Corral mi risultava molto facile in FreeNas 11 non ho trovato nessuna impostazione
  12. L

    [FreeNAS 9 Plugin] MineOS suddenly won't start after reboot...

    Build FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5) Platform Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690S CPU @ 3.20GHz Memory 16231MB It's been running for over a week through at least 2 reboots and today it decided to not restart after a reboot. Any suggestions? Feb 19 12:42:24 freenas1 [plugins.utils:91] Couldn't...
  13. Willy666

    Auto update plex library

    my frenas 9.10 Plex last updated Why the library doesn't update automatically? Thanks
  14. G

    Finding Plugin UID's

    I was wondering how one is supposed to know the UID that a plugin uses. I need this to give write permissions to users with that ID for the plugins. I know the transmission one because it was on a thread by Joshua, and others have mentioned media ones have 816. My question is how am I supposed...