1. joeschmuck

    My New All NVMe Virtualized TrueNAS Server - Story and a Guide

    PART 1: WHY A ESXi SERVER? I have a personal preference for virtualization and it started a long time ago while using VMWare Workstation, it was easy to operate on my Windoze computer and I'm accustom to it. While this thread is mainly how to select the right components and put together a...
  2. joeschmuck

    NVMe Burn-In Testing?

    While I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the topic, I still like to ask questions to gain other perspectives and opinions. I have six 4TB NVMe modules coming in and I want to test them specifically for thermal properties to ensure I have no issues overheating. I do not want to perform a...
  3. dak180

    TrueNAS-Report 1.8

    ZPool, SMART, and UPS Status Report with TrueNAS Config Backup Original Script By: joeschmuck Modified By: bidelu0hm, melp, fohlsso2, onlinepcwizard, ninpucho, isentropik, rotx, dak180 Last Edited By: dak180 Current Version: v1.8 Preview of the output here: https://i.imgur.com/jKwraw4.png When...
  4. T

    Why on x10DRD-Int NVME drives wired to SATA connections as well?

    Hi folks, I recently got 4 bay supermicro server with x10DRD-Int in it. I see that 2 nvme bays are wired (from back-pane) to both NVME and SATA connectors. I wonder if both connectors are actually used to driver NVME drives? Or SATA connection is used only if non-NVME dive is plugged into the...
  5. A

    NVMe Driver Configuration for Consumer Drivers

    Hey, guys. I bought an adapter card to plug my NVMe driver into a PCI-e slot (adapter image is attached). This board has a super capacitor, capable of keeping the driver on for seconds in case of power failure. Enough time to write any outstanding data. It works as a UPS directly connected to...
  6. F

    Post-production server hardware for FreeNAS

    Hi, I'm going to build a storage server for a VFX company. In post-production you work with sequences of .exr files, let's say each file has approx. 10mb. There is going to be be 100K+, 200K+ and more amount of files. I would like to have a stable strong server which can provide a good speed for...
  7. Geek Baba

    FreeNAS NVMe Build

    I am building a NVMe SSD NAS for XCP-ng (open source alternative of Citrix Xen), it will be connected to each host directly via fiber (no switch), I already use a similar setup but with SATA SSD. I have been reading about NVMe support and mixed reviews and responses. I am listing the spec of my...
  8. SeaFox

    NVMe Drives and FreeNAS

    I recently completed a new build, and for my Jail drive I used an M.2 SSD I got a good deal on online. I was a little concerned about longevity of the particular drive since it's using QLC flash memory, but since it was much larger than the capacity I really needed, I figured I could just...
  9. C

    Design consideration for SLOG

    Hello everyone, Planning out a new FreeNAS build that I'm quite excited about. Here's the lineup I've got planned so far: Chassis: Supermicro SYS-5019S-WR (Includes the Motherboard and PSUs) Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSW-F CPU: Xeon E3-1240V6 RAM: 16gb Micron MTA18ASF2G72AZ-2G3A1 Boot Disk...
  10. T

    bhyve - Linux VM w/ boot NVMe SSD - VirtIO vs AHCI

    Hello, I've been testing VirtIO vs AHCI disk device settings with the latest version of Debian. I noticed with VirtIO, TRIM was not detected, while it was with AHCI. And out of the box, TRIM is supported & enabled for my NVMe device. Question: if the FreeNAS host is handling TRIM, should I even...
  11. PhiloEpisteme

    Running SMART tests on Samsung 970 EVO

    Hey folks, Apologies if there is a thread already related to this, I was unable to find it in my searches. My basic issue is that I am seemingly unable to run the short and long tests on my Samsung 970 EVO drives despite their website listing these drives as supporting SMART. This is a test...
  12. Beatlejuice

    M.2 multiPLeXing - QM2-2P/QM2-4P

    Hello everybody! Anyone came across these 2/4x m.2 4/8x PCI gen.3 adapters allready? - P is PCIe, S for Slow As far i found any information, they run an Avago PLX chip (not shure for gen.2) - down in the reviews, incl. pic, "...QM2-2P-344 and QM2-2P-384 on Windows PCs...." & the guy obviously...
  13. O

    HighPoint SSD7120 NVMe RAID Controller

    Hi All, I am looking at readjusting my storage server to try something new – FreeNAS. I currently have 2 nodes with 2 X 8TB HDD’s and 2 X Intel P3605 drives each using Supermicro X10SDV motherboards. I am considering combing these into a single server(Supermicro X10SDV-8C) and was considering...
  14. woyteck

    Slow reads from PCIe L2ARC

    I have a problem with my L2ARC. It seems to have reads capped at ~175MB/s. Why am I bothered? - Well, it's a 2TB Intel SSD - P3520, PCIe based NVMe drive. When testing reads directly from /dev/nvd0, I easily and consistently get aroung 600MB/s # dd if=/dev/nvd0 of=/dev/null bs=128k...
  15. Eds89

    Samsung P961/P951 firmware update recommended?

    Hi Guys, Is it recommended to update Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD firmware versions before use with FreeNAS? I have a PM953 and just wondering if there are any recommendations on updating the firmware to a certain level before using as a SLOG? Cheers Eds
  16. averyfreeman

    Recommendations for 480GB NVMe SLOG / L2ARC config

    480GB Samsung SM953 NVMe SSD with PLP: Just picked up this beaut today, it's an enterprise NVMe SSD with power loss protection. Check out the pics, you can see the honkin' capacitors on the front and back. I was thinking of partitioning it and using somewhere between 8-24GB for the SLOG and...
  17. S

    Hardware Recommendation (Exhaust Builds)

    From a hardware perspective, does it make a difference when dealing with DDR4 2400 RAM (ECC or NON ECC)? Also will having 90 TB of storage with 256G of RAM with 4 NVMe 250 or 500 sticks for Cache (2 for reading) and ZIL/LOG/SLOG (2 for writing) provide enough performance to allow 20 users to...
  18. averyfreeman

    x4 PCIe to NVMe adapter with supercapacitor

    Hey, I just saw these on ebay and thought people on this forum might find them interesting: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Card-to-PCI-E-x4-Power-off-protection-half-Height-Bracket-for-SM951-SSD/222039068163?hash=item33b28f4e03:g:wIIAAOSwWTRW1WI5 Looks like a pretty hefty capacitor for...
  19. jeffprandall

    NVMe Detection

    I have a Tyan S7045 motherboard with a Startech M.2 adapter and a Samsung 950 Pro attached to slot 2 (second from the bottom) but I can't FreeNAS to recognize. If I do a dmidecode -t slot it shows all the slots as available. What should my next troubleshooting steps be?
  20. C

    TS140 + NVMe (PCIe adapter) + FN11 - Will it work?

    Hello, I've picked up a TS140 and I'd like to use the fastest possible storage for bhyeve/jails. I know I can use a standard SSD on SATA, but I'm trying to find out if I can use: Samsung 960 EVO Series - PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD with a Mailiya M.2 PCIe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter I've been...
  21. SpiritFly

    BUILD NVMe SSD in HP DL360e

    Hey guys, Now that FREENAS 10 is out and supports virtualization I've decided to upgrade my modest HP Proliant ML310e G8 with a HP DL360e G8. I know, I know.. It's not that big of a leap, but it's for home use. So I bought a used HP DL360e without disks. I want to run a few VMs on this new...
  22. JWTech

    Anyone Else Mess Around with NVME Yet?

    I threw some NVME drives into one of my work's development servers as zil/l2arc/swap, and so far I'm damn impressed with them. Biggest issue in the dev server was "platter latency" from the drives being sluggish when working with massive amounts of smaller files, or a large amount of users...