1. mpyusko

    Failover UPS's and montoring?

    My FreeNAS Box has Redundant PSU's. Each PSU is connected to it's own 900W/1500VA UPS. Each UPS has a 1500VA Extended Battery. I Have two Hypervisors in HA. Each Hypervisor has one PSU and is plugged into one UPS or the other. Each Switch has one PSU and is plugged into one UPS or the other...
  2. zamana

    UPS: FreeNAS takes some time to recognize it...

    Hi! Unfortunately I have that infamous Microsol Back-Ups BZ1200-BR. It is connected at the /dev/cuaU0 port and NUT is capable to read some values correctly through the "solis" driver: root@freenas:~ # upsc ups battery.charge: 100.0 battery.voltage: 27.1 device.mfr: Microsol device.model...
  3. S

    How to set up my APC UPS + network card?

    I have an APC UPS with an AP9630 network card (not using USB). I'm having issues configuring it, because the official docs are pretty minimal and ambiguous, and unfortunately so is guidance in the forum. There is an entry in the drivers list for AP9630, but the rest is unclear. Rather than...
  4. kikotte

    SOLVED NUT: Where do you add a UPS that is not listed?

    Hi, I have written to Nut and my UPS works with 2.7.4 but since it is not included in the list, I can not use it and can you add it to the list? I have tried debug and it works. /usr/local/libexec/nut/usbhid-ups -a ups