1. T

    SOLVED Trouble getting multiple network locations.

    I'm not to great with these things, so excuse any blatant ignorance. I'll try and explain clearly. I've setup the NAS machine, made a volume in freenas for just my 500gb ssd, and have been able to network map it. Then I setup another volume for a 3tb drive in the nas machine, and when trying to...
  2. wokka

    SOLVED Multiple drive failures

    I had a freenas 9.3 system running with 8 drives for a couple of years with no problems. A few months ago, needed more space and the supermicro chassis I had was maxed out at 8 drives, so bought a supermicro 24 slot setup. I backed up my freenas install, installed a fresh 11.1 and put into the...
  3. S

    Multiple concurrent reads of same file(s)

    I'm totally new to FreeNAS but am considering building a NAS box using it. I run a small 3D visualisation company and currently have a Qnap NAS which is a few years old. I'm wondering if building my own box will solve a limitation I think the Qnap one has: When rendering 3D scenes with 3ds...
  4. Pancackewaffle

    Multiple mount points to one common jail mount

    interesting query that i am having issues with: i have a Plex server setup with (in the jail) mounts that are /media/tv_shows and /media/movies. that has been working all fine and dandy but now i seem to have run out of space, no big deal i have a couple drives lying around until i can afford...
  5. S

    Multiple IP / interfaces for jail

    Hi, I have a dual NIC motherboard on my FreeNAS, one of them being plugged to my router ( network). I'll spare you the details of my home configuration, but the thing is that I can't always connect my laptop to the router via ethernet, so when I need full bandwidth I plug it...
  6. U

    Creating one new folder creates four of them

    Hi, I just installed FreeNAS and did a brief setup. It's completely new to me so I realize that I could do a mistake.. But anyway, here comes my problem: I created one CIFS share with guest account, no password. When I try to create a new folder from my Windows 10 machine, it eventually creates...