1. M

    scrub troubleshooting - timestamped logging of scrub

    As I've had some crashes / reboots during a scrub with (repaired) CKSUM errors, I wanted to know if the scrub errors occurred around the same time as the reboots. For this, I've created some very basic scripts that does a 'zpool status' every x seconds and log this with timestamps to a logfile...
  2. D

    Can I access replication logs from the UI?

    Hi all- I set up a replication task with two machines on a LAN that was working successfully. I recently colo'd one of the machines. I'd like to confirm that replication tasks are still working - I'm not getting any errors, which leads me to believe "yes," but I'd like to be absolutely certain...
  3. S

    Clear Security output

    Im trying to clear the daily security output that I get in an email each morning. Months ago, perhaps even a year I changed my network adapter, and I get a repeated message in my emailed security output. How do I clear this so I can be alerted by actual events rather than something I’m totally...
  4. Pancackewaffle

    Problem with Sonarr plugin not actually turning on

    So I have an interesting issue... This just popped up by itself, I have done nothing to my FreeNAS in quite awhile but then all of a sudden I can't access sonarr any more. I then proceed to restart the jail, make sure that something is happening in the actual jail because I have transmission in...
  5. S

    Como instalar vfs objetc (vfs_audit) e pegar o log?

    Boa tarde Tenho compartilhamento samba e alguns arquivos andaram sumindo. Preciso registrar o que está ocorrendo.... Encontrei que posso adicionar este objeto em Avançado dentro do proprio compartilhamento. Pra mim aparece um chamado "audit" em vez de "vfs_audit", mas acho que pode ser o...
  6. Mihalich

    Помогите с логами разобраться

    Вроде бы всё работает, но мало ли, в процессе перезагрузки вот такие сообщения: Запущены три службы: SMART, SMB, SSH. NAS введён в Домен
  7. duggulous

    A guide to interpreting daily security run output?

    Is there any kind of documentation somewhere on the meanings of items in the daily security run output? I get emails fairly often, and I have no idea if they are alerting me to a potential problem, or telling me everything is working like it should be, or just randomly listing characteristics of...
  8. S

    _secure_path: /nonexistent/.login_conf is not owned by uid 65534

    Hello Wonder if anyone can help fix this error I have spotted in /var/log/messages Jan 14 18:12:00 freenas cron[89608]: _secure_path: /nonexistent/.login_conf is not owned by uid 65534 Im getting all the time in the log uid - is user nobody with home directory as nonexistent The owner of...
  9. marian78

    Script to email if upload/download/delete files over FTP

    hi, i want ask for help with my script, that email me, if somebody upload/download/delete files over FTP. For now i testing it, but want some critique, that i can tune up it. How it works: 1. in Freenas box - FTP advanced tab, set this to make transfer log: #FTP transfer file log - add to...