1. Ryan Allen

    Random kernel Error - Destination address delete failed

    Anyone know how to stop this error or even what this is? I've googled it and keep getting a run around.
  2. eljojo

    how to run custom version of FreeBSD in FreeNAS?

    Hello everyone, I just opened my first patch to FreeBSD. I have a version of it compiled inside a jail in my FreeNAS installation. Hopefully this differential will fix a bug with bhyve on my FreeNAS installation. How could I install this patch on the current version of FreeNAS that I'm...
  3. S

    swap_pager_getswapspace suddenly failed - no logged explanation, no jails/VMs, plenty of RAM?

    Like the title says. I checked my system and found it was basically unresponsive, with a ton of swap_pager_getswapspace failed errors on the console. It's never happened before. I was forced to kill power and reboot my server. The pool is OK, but after reboot there's nothing in the logs...
  4. sboutros

    High CPU

    Hello, I've been a FreeNAS user since 9.x and it's been really stable for me till I upgraded to 10.x I know I am not using very powerful hardware (8GB (non-ECC) with Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz) but I am surprised how 10.x and 11.x have gotten sluggish at times to the point that...

    Kernel panic importing a pool.

    Created a RAID array of 4 disks on a FreeNAS. After some time it stopped working. I removed it and in the process of trying to reimport this error appears (see the picture). Please help. P.S.: I'm afraid to lose a lot of data
  6. W

    Intel Kernel Vulnerability 2018 (With Links to Other Documented Posts)

    As many of you have probably heard, there has been a significant breach in the kernel of Intel CPUs and some AMD processors. What is being done to remedy this, as the vulnerability is a hardware one and only can be band-aided until new hardware is released. According to Intel, it is the "job"...
  7. maaadbob

    Update kernel to support my max vCPU count

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased an HP Proliant twin X5650 32GB server as a machine which could be used for pure number crunching. When experimenting with the VM setup I found I was limited to 16 vCPUs. Investigating further it is clear the limit is imposed by a define in ...
  8. A Bull With Yogurts

    What does this error mean?

    Just experienced a kernel error which took down my server. Looks to be related to SMB (which figures as I was shifting a load of data around via Windows shares at the time). Error message is on the final line in this screenshot. Done some Googling on the error message without any luck...
  9. M

    Loading kernels i3 6100

    hello! I've been seeing this problem a lot on other forms but nothing saying a fix or anything. I have a i3 6100 as you read above and my motherboard is the ASRock - H270M-ITX/ac Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard I don't see why it won't work with FreeNAS. I'm booting off of USB (yes I'm using two...
  10. KenY21

    Can't install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using iohyve

    Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on freshly installed "FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269)" using iohyve following these steps: When I connect to console I see standard installation wizard, but when I press "Enter" on "Install Ubuntu...
  11. N

    Safest way to shut down with Fatal Trap 12 while in Kernel Mode / next steps to troubleshoot

    Any insight or suggestions as to next steps would be much appreciated as to the best way to proceed. I was powering off my FreeNAS box and I got the error 'Fatal Trap 12 while in Kernel Mode' Fault code 'supervisor read data' page not present' and the box is hung with a prompt db> For now I am...
  12. J

    Upgrade to 9.10 - Kernel Panic with 4 Nic's installed

    Hello All, We have been using FreeNAS for the past year to help us handle RAW Video Assets during Post Production. Basically a big "Bit Bucket" to keep assets on a Nearline storage system and off of the high performance SAN until needed. This is the first time I am posting on the forums but...