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  1. N

    Wordpress Backup Restore and Migrate Script 3.0.0

    This script will backup, restore and migrate a Wordpress install to another site. Although all the steps can be done manually or with a plugin it's nice to have it packaged in a neat package. You can create a cron job in the GUI to automatically backup your site. It integrates well with Basil...
  2. D

    Non riesco a creare una jail

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo di FreeNAS e di tutte le community, penso di aver inserito questo post nella sezione giusta se così non fosse avvisatemi. Ho da poco tempo realizzato un nas con dei buoni componenti e sono anche riusciti a condividere la piscina in locale, ma ho servito anche fuori casa...
  3. oOMrYairOo

    FreeNas 11.2 U6 and Emby Jail Plugin

    Helo Everyone Im running the latest freenas, I installed emby plugin and mount points but the problem is that emby dont se my movies on shared freenas folder called movies The mount points are The source is at /mnt/storage/movies Destination is /mnt/storage/iocage/jails/emby/root/mnt/movies i...
  4. KenwoodFox

    User in iocage jail unable to access mounted dataset containing mapped user in group

    Hey FreeNAS team! I'm used to the old FreeNAS, just as a warning and I'm having trouble with this new iocage stuff I've installed Syncthing, and all the file manipulation is done with user syncthing:syncthing with id 983 Installing the plugin no longer adds the user so I added user syncthing...
  5. K

    SSL from Jail in FreeNAS System -> Certificates

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution with linking SSL from jail (generated by Lets Encrypt) to one of named imported certs in FreeNAS System -> Certificates. Now I'm manually updates certificate which I'm using in FTP of FreeNAS - Is it possible to automate it? Maybe its stupid question, but
  6. G

    Probleme data plex server (Résolu)

    Bonjour à tous, Je suis passé hier soir sur la dernière version de Freenas (FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1). J'ai voulu installer Plex dans une prison de la nouvelle version, or Plex n'arrive pas à récupérer les Datas des films alors que sa marchait dans la version précédente. Il voit les films et leurs...
  7. A

    Jail Creation Error

    Hello FreeNAS Community, First let me say thanks to the whole FreeNAS community for making and supporting such a great product. So Thanks. So today I tried to create a Jail like I have a pile of time before, however, this time I got an error. I have not made any significant changes that I can...
  8. P

    Plugin/Jail won't start after changing mount points

    I'm not sure if this is related but I changed some of the mount points on this plugin and now the jail won't start. These are the errors I'm getting. Any thoughts? * Starting nextcloud + Started OK ELF interpreter /libexec/ld-elf.so.1 not found, error 2 Traceback (most recent call last)...
  9. N

    Upgrade to 11.2-U3 Broke My Jail Mountpoints GUI

    After upgrading two different ways from 11.2-U2.1 to U3, my jail mountpoints are broken for editing. The GUI for viewing/editing mountpoints shows each mountpoing source is the fstab entry and the destination field is empty. The actual mountpoints seem to be working when I check via ssh, so...
  10. Visseroth

    SOLVED 11.2U2 to 11.2U3 Update, no jails (Solved)

    I just did the update from 11.2 to 11.3 and when I went to check to make sure the jails were up and running there weren't any listed! I do have 2 pools but one is a backup of the primary and I'm using rsync to copy data from the primary to the backup. Not that the Backup should have anything to...
  11. rwfitzy

    Can't access iocage jail after 11.2 upgrade

    I just upgraded from 11.1-U7 to 11.2-U2.1 and all went well except this jail issue. It would not start until I went to the command line and received an error: root@nas1:~ # iocage start monitor monitor: bpf requires vnet=on! So I did iocage set vnet=on monitor and it started OK: root@nas1:~ #...
  12. D

    Syncthing Management page gets redirected

    Hi guys, I'm on FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1 with the latest updates to this day. I have a recently installed jail of Syncthing(version 2 of jails, with iocage) This used to work since the reboot after the update(yesterday) . Today I stopped it to add some mount points to it. Then I started it again with...
  13. R

    Logitechmediaserver on freenas 11.2

    Hi All, I am trying to install LMS on my Freenas in a jail using this link: https://forums.freenas.org/threads/lms-on-freenas.61495/ in that link there is reffered to this link: https://audiodigitale.eu/?p=87 my jail is made in Release 11.1-RELEASE-p15 I think I am doing Okay but I keep...
  14. C

    SOLVED Configuring VNET FAILED

    Hi there, I'm currently trying to set up a NextCloud server and, while I'm setting up the iocage, I receive an error regarding the vnet0 interface. I've initialised a nextcloud jail with the following command: iocage create -n nextcloud -r 11.2-RELEASE ip4_addr="vnet0|" vnet="on"...
  15. ezra

    BOUNTY!! Help wanted, yet another VLAN/Jail topic, tried everything

    Hey! 100$ BOUNTY FOR WHOEVER HELPS ME FIX THIS!!! So i've been trying to get this right for about 5 days now. I had around 4 reinstalls because i locked myself out (flood/storms or something like that). Also a few CLI config restores happend. I'll first try to explain what hardware i have...
  16. C

    Help! JailMissingConfiguration plex

    Goodmorning everyone, I recently built my NAS, after a few weeks the Plex plugin has stopped working and I can not eliminate the jail. Can you help me.
  17. Brownz

    Create hardlink across mountpoints possible?

    I am using sonarr and radarr and have noticed I sometimes very rarely have to to tidyup when it fails to correctly manage the files using the 'Remote Path Mappings'. To my knowledge what Sonarr does is once the download client finishes a download it creates a hardlink between: - download mount...