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Wordpress Backup Restore and Migrate Script

Wordpress Backup Restore and Migrate Script 1.64

This script will backup, restore and migrate a Wordpress install to another site. Although all the steps can be done manually or with a plugin it's nice to have it packaged in a neat package. You can create a cron job in the GUI to automatically backup your site. It integrates well with Basil Hendroff's Scripted Wordpress Installation but can be used if your install didn't use his script.

It's just another option to safeguard your Wordpress data within your FreeNAS environment.

Scripted installation instructions for this resource are at
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Latest updates

  1. Error Correction and Unlimited backups

    Created better error correction in case the wordpress install or password file doesn't exist or...
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixed failure to create backup directory if it did not exist.
  3. Compatible with newer versions of MariaDB

    Can now backup and restore with the default Authentication Plugin in MariaDB 10.3 and below as...
  4. Minor fixes

    Cleanup comments Check if backup-config exists. Can still pass JAIL_NAME with arguments like...
  5. Pass JAIL_NAME as argument from command line

    Added the option to pass the JAIL_NAME to the script from the command line instead of the...