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    web interface could not be accessed please check network configuration - Console ERROR

    Hi all, I've just downloaded and installed freeNAS 11.2-U3 using a usb stick onto my 240GB Samsung SSD HDD Sata3, Installation was ok, however once the OS loaded i got the error (freenas the web interface could not be accessed please check network configuration). The issue i have is that i...
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    Plex Server on Freenas not working after IP Change

    Hy Guys, this questions and its answer is somewhere out there and has been asked 1000 times i guess, but i cannot find the solution. I have a freenas box running (FreeNAS-11.1-U2) and Plex Media server ( installed on it via the plugins. Everything worked like charm BUT after...
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    Random Attempted Connection From Public IP's

    Ever since I put my server online using dyndns I have been getting messages on the screen of my NAS, example image shown below. I am scared what could be going on behind my back, but then im left to blame for making it probably insecure in the first place. I wouldn't be posting this if I knew...
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    FreeNAS was receiving IP via DHCP, not any more. ifconfig pics inside

    Hello all, I had an issue come up today, my FreeNAS server was receiving an ip address via DHCP from my pfSense netgate sg-2440 switch. I restarted the server and now the server is no longer assigned an ip address, and the console prompts me that "No configured interfaces were found. Try to...
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    SOLVED Stuck setting up IP manually

    I am new to FreeNAS, just installed the latest 11 on my box (ASRock E3C236D2I, full specs are in the signature) and have some issues with IP. This is a home network with some local rebranded (?) router (Fritz!box) from O2 Germany. I can connect to the server via IMPI (that's how I installed...