1. Z

    Hello there,

    Hi, Please excuse my late introduction as i have already post on the forum :). I’m not a new user of freenas as i had an account on the old/dead forum of freenas before iXcommunity :). I’m a linux guy who has some fingers also on the BSD world. OpenBSD,FreeBSD,FreeNAS. Actually i’m running...
  2. dinkinflicka87

    Hello from the US - Have been lurking a while, finally ready to share!

    Hello from the US, I have been a lurker on here for the past year (2018) or so after building my system. I'm still in awe that I have my own server. I'm just an enthusiast. Not as hardcore as those who have built their systems with rack mounts (no room for that quite yest unfortunately. SO I...
  3. JM2K69

    Hello from France

    Hi I'm french Microsoft Certified Trainer An VMware Trainer. And I use Freenas. ;-)
  4. D

    Hi FreeNAS Forum!

    Hi I'm Dominik. I have been using FreeNAS for approximately two years now for basic file sharing and syncronisation. I plan to use the FreeNAS system as a media server in the future. I think it was finally time to join the Forum. dondon28
  5. M

    Hi, from Melbourne, Australia!!

    Hi, My name is Mujahid. I'm a Linux engineer who used to work a lot with CENTOS. I've recently started to work with FreeBSD because of FreeNAS and pfSense. I've been using FreeNAS since version 9.3. I first tried it back when it was on version 7. I mostly use FreeNAS in a home based production...
  6. G

    Prepare for weird questions

    HI, I'm new to the forum though I've had a FreeNAS system set up for over half a year now. I was told I need to make an intro post too, so this is it...why do I need to do this? Anyway, I'm a techy with a theoretical degree in physics, a Phd in figuring out how to take things apart as I go...
  7. GottZ

    ohai everyone!

    first of all, hey there! i'm one of theese software engineers that like to solve problems for fun and food. currently employed at GoDaddy. what i run freenas on: HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, 10 GB Ram, 4x 4TB as raidz home internet connection: 100 down, 40 up (pretty awesome for remote...
  8. karthikjoe

    Karthik From Madurai,TamilNadu,India.

    Hi Every One.. I'm working as a Sr. Infrastructure Engineer (windows so new to FreeBSD) in one recruitment consultancy. Now we're using windows for shared files access.Now our team size is increased so we want to move with NAS. In Earlier i we have plan that was buy a new synology NAS. But After...
  9. W


    Hi all, First time building a FreeNAS and seems to be working beautifully. To be honest, half the reason I did it was that I saw how much more expansive the support and forums for it were as opposed to the headache inducing Netgear ReadyNAS I'm coming from! Either way, the intro message said...
  10. whill

    New Here

    Hello, Everyone! I am new here.
  11. chimpress


    Hi, Chimdi from Nigeria here. I am a media technologist, into Live Streaming, storage solutions for post-production. I am new to FreeNAS and working on my first FreeNAS build. it's a 60TB solution for a TV station.
  12. M

    Hi from Belgium - this is my system

    Hello, My name is Mario, 24 y.o. Windows / .NET developer from Belgium. I've been wanting a NAS for a long time, and now based upon recommendations I've chosen FreeNAS to finally power my first system. I'm a true DIY'er at least when it comes to everything related to IT. Buying something like a...
  13. L6Fd77i6E


    Hi, I am new to the FreeNAS community. I am a tinkerer by heart and a duck by night. I find opensource very interesting, there is always something that gets better or something new to try, which kind of fits my type of mindset. Unfortunately i am running into problems trying to fix an...
  14. KnightSirius

    Greetings from Canada!

    Glad to back on the FreeNAS scene! I finally recovered enough hardware from various other old builds to put together a semi-reliable (albeit OLD) home server! System Specs CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9450 (Yorkfield ~2008 ish) Mobo: ASUS P5Q TURBO (P35 Chipset) RAM: 8GB / 800MHz DDR2 GPU: GTX 470/9600...
  15. B

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Benedict Raymond. Newbie to FREENAS, was using Amahi and recently found out it wasn't really of the NAS we need in my office and in my house. Just setup FreeNAS 9.10.2-Stable on an attached USB 3.0 32GB with HD storage 2 numbers of 2TB and 1 number of 250GB running on my old HP ProLiant...
  16. A

    Best choice ever

    Hi Everyone I am new to FreeNAS and have up until now relied on old synology NAS hardware that I could buy on the Danish version of Ebay (yes I have been a cheapskate). Recently my Synology DS409+ powered off on me and I were working on finding a way to get it alive again for a couple of weeks...
  17. B

    Moin Moin or hello..

    .. from Germany / Lüneburg (Hamburg area). Moin can be used the whole day to greet somebody, though originally its derived from (good) morning.. Well anyway, nice to meet the community. I'm a Synology (DS414) use who is planning and preparing / testing for the switch to FreeNAS. The Hardware I...
  18. B

    Hej fra Danmark

    Hi FreeNAS forum. I am new to FreeNAS but have joined because I consider making a simple home server, mostly for file sharing, so that I can have one place for photographs. I have been in IT for 30+ years, working with mainframe, Unix, Windows, Linux. I like the Open Source philosophy, I think...
  19. RayRay573

    New-ish to FreeNAS

    Call me Ray-Ray! Everyone does ;) I say that I'm new-ish to FreeNAS as I've dabbled with it before about a year or so ago but realized that the system that I was running on was significantly under-powered and transcoding in Plex was non-existent. But I'm jumping ahead, lets go back to the...
  20. Monkey_Demon

    Introduction: Monkey_Demon

    Hi, After using a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro for several years, I have to migrate to another system. This is because Plex is one of the main reasons I have a NAS, and Plex no longer supports the ReadyNAS. Some people have kludged the ReadyNAS system to make it run Netgear's newer operating system...