ohai everyone!

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Mar 21, 2018
first of all, hey there!

i'm one of theese software engineers that like to solve problems for fun and food.
currently employed at GoDaddy.

what i run freenas on:
HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, 10 GB Ram, 4x 4TB as raidz

home internet connection: 100 down, 40 up (pretty awesome for remote access)

i have plenty of experience with linux and just wanted the benefits of ZFS freenas / freebsd would get me.
(you know.. like.. restoration of damaged files (swapped bits), live snapshots and so on)

what i use freenas for:
since i'm still a bit scared of jails i actually run a arch linux instance in bhyve where i run docker in and mount some cifs directories to persist data to my network shares.
luckily DrKK told me about his awesome post here about jails that i'll most likely use to play around with and over time migrate away from using bhyve and docker for my stuff.
i also run a openvpn client in a container to seed some torrents etc. (don't judge me. it's not illegal in the country i exit at)

anyways. i'm rock solid in linux, fluent in c and javascript and sadly only use to collect video games inside my steam account rather than playing them.

now some buzzwords to scare even more people away:
systemd, docker, nodejs, vim, chrome, lastpass, netflix, plex, rtorrent, gitlab, sentry, windows 10, arch linux, oh did i say i use arch linux yet?



i'm a nice dude.
i don't kill kitten. i have two of em.
i prefer to write minimalistic code that does not rely on 12498761324 libraries.
i write applications from scratch from time to time.
i sometimes write games or gadgets.
i love to reinvent the wheel to experience why certain decisions were made in some problem solutions to get a better understanding of such problems.
i rarely ask questions. i usually answer.
i'm german so.. i don't understand any jokes.

oh.. ps:
i'm gwz on irc
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pro lamer

Feb 16, 2018

I like snapshots too :)
Envy your 40 Internet connection ;)

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