freenas 11 stable

  1. B

    Map drives

    Hi, How we can map the physical drives to the FreeNAS drives?
  2. P

    FreeNAS and Plex .1973 plug in

    HP40L Microserver 16GB ECC Memory FreeNAS 11.2-U6 Plex plug-in latest PMS-Updater script installed perl5 into Plex Jail installed wget into Plex Jail that is the only Jail I run and the only plug in I'm getting a random weird lockup, I posted it at Plex Forum and they sent me here.
  3. M

    How can I test cryptography

    How can I test cryptography? A customer has asked to encrypt their data, which can only be opened by password. Does FreeNAS do it? How can I test this functionality.
  4. D

    Come posso utilizzare un dominio comprato su freenas?

    Ciao, vorrei comprare un dominio su e poi assicurarmi di poter connettere a freenas con esso e con i sottodomini alle varie jail attive (cosa che faccio già con no-IP) . Qualcuno saprebbe come aiutarmi indicandomi cosa fare o una guida in merito? Grazie in anticipo ...
  5. M

    ESXI 6.7 - Freenas 11.1-U7 - Mellanox -MNPA19-XTR -Connectivity Issues

    Hello All, I've worked with VMWare for Years but i'm reasonably new to Freenas. I've soured the Forums for posts related to the issue i'm having and there doesn't seem to be any existing posts for this particular issue. So apologies if I've missed something. Here's my issue. ESXI 6.7 Whitelist...
  6. J

    Would you please tell me how to install Plugin?

    Hello experts, please help me, I totally followed the guideline from all the documents to install the Plugins, but all failed. I was so frustrated! It took long time for me to work on this more than one day. Now it's alomost 4am now! Would you please tell me the very detail steps how to...
  7. FreeNAS4Ever

    Can't Log into FreeNAS server after update

    Hello, I made two changes to my FreeNAS 11 server this morning and now I am receiving an error ("Please enter the correct Username and password") when I try to log into the server using my root account. My username and password are entered automatically from my password management software, so...
  8. J

    Update from 11.1 to 11.2

    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to FreeNAS, and I was curious to know how to upgrade from FreeNAS 11.1 to 11.2?
  9. T

    QLE8152 Network & FCoE Adaptor with Freenas 11.0-U6

    Hi everybody, I'm user of freenas for a very long time (at least 4 years+) and I'm very happy about it. A few weeks ago I was thinking about pumping up the performance on the network side, because I was struggling with low iscsi performance on my installed Intel gbe nics. Thankfully I was able...
  10. Spencer Myers

    SOLVED Sonarr syntax error when downloading

    Here's the error I get whenever I try to download any episode inside of Sonarr. I have all my connections to my indexer and downloader working and tested. Not sure what's going on. After reading a bit online and scowering forums, it may be an issue with Mono, however when I try to use pkg...
  11. A

    Issue network ASrock e3c226d2i Intel i210

    Hi, I'm a new with freenas, I just build my NAS with this parts : MB : Asrock e3c226d2i (intel i210) CPU : Xeon E3 v3 RAM : Kingston 16go ECC OS : Freenas 11.1U4 I have an issue with network adapter includes in MB. I did the installation successfully on SSD and when I want configure network...
  12. Jenlain74

    Cloud Sync with Hubic

    Hello, I'm running FreeNAS 11-STABLE and I'd like to sync my data on my HUBIC cloud storage. In order to use Cloud Sync, I understood I must first create a "Cloud provider" in the system/cloud credentials section. Hubic is not available in the provider list (only amazon s3, azure, backblaze...
  13. O

    FreeNAS 11.1 Jail php-GD extension installation problem

    For a Owncloud X installation I need the php-gd library. What I get is : PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '' (tried: /usr/local/lib/php/20170718/ (/lib/ version ZLIB_1.2.9 required by /usr/local/lib/ not found) Simple steps to get this error...
  14. K

    SOLVED PLEASE HELP... Can't access my data

    Running FreeNAS 11, was having issues with my SMB shares so I deleted all of them and changed the permissions on my pool and datasets to unix so I could just SSH or FTP and copy all my data off to recreate my pool. I can connect to my nas, move between most directories but if i go into a...
  15. M

    SOLVED VMs Not Starting in WebGUI

    Hi everyone, First post, so bear with me. I've been having an issue starting virtual machines that I had created in the FreeNAS 11.0-RELEASE WebGUI. They are VMs with Ubuntu Server installed (16.04) and they've been running for months already. I've restarted them before for basic maintenance...
  16. W

    Ryzen Business Build

    Hello everyone! I am building a server for a client of mine and I am interested in some feedback from the community. This is my first FreeNAS build, and I have pretty limited experience in file storage, but I enjoy the challenge. As this is a Ryzen build, I really want to documents my challenges...
  17. A

    How to create multiple iSCSI extents on a HDD on FreeNAS 11

    After setting up FreeNAS 11 for iSCSI and NFS for my vSphere 6.0 lab environment I'm beginning to experiment with boot from iSCSI for ESXi. My thought is that each ESXi host will need its own iSCSI extent, each approximately 2 GB. All previous iSCSI extents were device based which meant adding...
  18. T

    Having trouble updating

    Hi all It appears my flash drive maybe to small to old the update Request Method: POST Request URL: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.0-RELEASE (a2dc21583) Exception Type: MiddlewareError Exception Value...