1. victort

    Scripted Database Installation 03-01-2024

    This script is for TrueNAS CORE. Can also be used on other FreeBSD systems. This script will automate the installation MariaDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL for you. All you need to do is define which one you prefer and set your preferred database user and database name. Instructions and downlods are...
  2. winnielinnie

    WireGuard Keepalive 1.0.0

    Keep your WireGuard VPN connection alive in a jail :frown: Sometimes the VPN service provider might face an issue on their end. :frown: Sometimes your connection goes down for whatever reason. :frown: Sometimes it's been a while since the last successful handshake. This script, combined with a...
  3. zamana

    SOLVED Monitorr in jails: is there any alternative?

    Hi! I'm trying to install Monitorr in a jails on FreeNAS, and I was doing well, but I realized that Monitorr is "Linux thing": for example, it tries to get info from "/proc/meminfo", which doesn't exist in FreeBSD... So... Is there a way to simulate this? Is there another app like Monitorr...
  4. eljojo

    how to run custom version of FreeBSD in FreeNAS?

    Hello everyone, I just opened my first patch to FreeBSD. I have a version of it compiled inside a jail in my FreeNAS installation. Hopefully this differential will fix a bug with bhyve on my FreeNAS installation. How could I install this patch on the current version of FreeNAS that I'm...

    How to access and use a port installed from FreeBSD ports website

    Hi, I am planning to install and use GnuCash: Plan to make a new Jail and install this ports in that jail. I know how to do this part already. Once it is installed, how do I access and use it? Will the BSD version of GnuCash has...
  6. Kiran Kankipati

    FreeNAS Server Hardware - Memory Performance Benchmarks

    Today I wrote a code to do some benchmarks to test the memory operations mainly such as memcpy(). To check the FreeNAS hardware (cpu, memory, and overall software optimization). vs my Linux PC hardware (which is Linux). Of course, I haven't done Linux Kernel <> FreeNAS (i.e FreeBSD) Kernel...
  7. T

    First time FreeNAS install - Dell Optiplex 990

    I'm new to FreeNAS, this is one of my first times using anything but windows, so I have almost no experience when it comes to anything linux. I'm trying install FreeNAS 11.2 BETA2 to a Dell Optiplex 990 SFF pc. I am trying to use a 2gb generic usb drive to install it and will be installing...
  8. M

    SOLVED Strange, low iPerf speeds

    Hello Everyone. I have a problem regarding low transfer speed but it doesn’t look like it’s something that have already been posted. And since it’s my first FreeNAS install, I have found about it, of course, only after testing transfer speeds using SMB share. But when I dug deeper more peculiar...
  9. B

    SOLVED installing packages error

    Hey, I've been trying to install Softether VPN server on a jail and it won't run. (missing file) Using "pkg add [link]" seems to work but every package needs a dependency and each dependency also needs more and more, so I found that using "pkg install [link]" would install its dependencies...
  10. ryanhunt

    Updated jail template for 11.1?

    So I went to install the Unifi port today, and was greeted with this error: root@unifi:/usr/ports/net-mgmt/unifi5 # make install clean /!\ ERROR: /!\ Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version has ended, and no ports are guaranteed to build on this system. Please upgrade to a...
  11. kirillofic

    Kirill is here!

    Good day for all! Happy to be here! Nice to meet all of you and i wish a lot of achievements all developers and users! Regards, Kirill Usanov Krasnodar,Russia
  12. S

    Being bitten by FreeBSD fts_read/statfs/ZFS issue - what to avoid and does the next release fix it?

    I'm being affected quite badly by this known FreeBSD ZFS tracked issue which is related to statfs + this issue + this, when using my FreeNAS box. Unfortunately I'm not clear about what must be avoided, to avoid triggering the issue, or how to identify existing snapshots or nested datasets that...
  13. S

    FreeBSD im Jail - Update zerschießt Server

    Hallo, ich bin Neuling und habe mir vor ein paar Monaten einen HP ProLiant MicroServer zusammengeschraubt und freenas installiert. Hier habe ich ein Jail (FreeBSD) angelegt und Apache installiert, MySQL, PHP und SSH. Nachdem ich ein paar Monate keine Zeit hatte, wollte ich nun endlich mein...
  14. Joon

    Want to be a part of the FreeNAS Team?

    Storage/Systems Engineers, Kernel Devs, FileSystem Engineers, Sales Engineers, Performance Engineers, and Sales People, feel free to send your resumes to! Our Executive Vice President's message to the Sun/Oracle Refugees:
  15. A

    Been at Royal Inst. of Technology for many years, backup solutions

    Hello FreeNAS forum, I have been employed at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, for many years, doing lab management, computer administration, web-services. I have used FreeBSD for several years, and FreeNAS for a few years, one 8.3 installation running and one 11.0...
  16. A

    Scoping what storage is seen by which hosts using separate IP addresses (FreeNAS 11)

    I need to scope which hosts see which storage, e.g. group A hosts see only group X storage (iSCSI and/o NFS), group B hosts see only group Y storage (different iSCSI and/or NFS). After reading "Multiple network interfaces on a single subnet"...
  17. pioto

    FreeBSD 11 VM - Install "Stuck" After Bootloader?

    Hi, I've switched from Corral over to 11-RC, and I'm trying to build my VMs again (from scratch, since 11-RC isn't able to boot my older grub/bhyve loaded VMs). First up, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11-RELEASE from an ISO image. I get as far as this, and then... nothing: Any suggestions...
  18. Sho Ya

    Trouble Installing Wine and Setting up SteamCMD in Wine

    Hello! I'm attempting to set up a 7 Days to Die game server, and my first step is trying to install Wine on my system! I've been following through this guide for setting it up with FreeBSD: The first few steps worked out, except for when I got to this point: mount...
  19. R

    Migrating from plain-FreeBSD 11.0 zu FreeNAS

    Hello, I plan to migarte my fileservers from plain freebsd-installations to FreeNAS. Can I import the zpools (raidz1)? (Because FreeNAS uses FreebSD 10.3-RC3) Best regards
  20. Vrakfall

    Can't find mongodb32 port from FreeBSD ports

    Hello, I was trying to install MongoDB in a jail when I found out I can't really install a recent version of it in a jail. The latest I found in the FreeBSD ports was `mongodb32` but I cannot find it by doing pkg install mongodb32 in a jail. I also tried to find it with pkg search mongodb but...
  21. D

    how do I install xdebug in php

    Hello, I've successfully got my php file to work in my jail and I want to install xdebug-2.4.1tgz in php but I'm having some problem. You see when I load my php page of what version I'm using and my is php 5.6.23. After downloading xdebug-2.4.1tgz then I unpack the download file with tar -xyzf...
  22. KEvinn

    Can't update FreeBSD repository

    Im trying to upgrade my Plex mediaserver but im running in some problems. So first i ran in this problem where I couldn't run pkg update, so I've searched the internet and landed on this thread. As suggested I've created a new jail so I could install the latest version of Plex on this new jail...