1. Ryan Allen

    Random kernel Error - Destination address delete failed

    Anyone know how to stop this error or even what this is? I've googled it and keep getting a run around.
  2. zer0bitz

    Update seems to be failed!

    Hello! Last night I tried to update my Freenas box from 11.1-U6 to the newest possible update, but something went badly wrong. I tried to make the update from the web gui. It started downloading and installing it, but after awhile playing games in other room I come back to see message that...
  3. J

    Failed FreeNAS RAIDZ1 5 with 4 disks@2tb with 2 disk failures

    hello, I am working on a freenas Raid 5 with two failed 2 tb disks out of 4. I was able to image(DD) one of the failed disks 100% to an Identical 2tb disk. so now i have three disks of the 4, yet the pool cannot mount because of two missing members using GUID tags and obviously one disk does...
  4. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED replacing components

    Hallo everybody, first I'm not 100% sure if this topic belongs here, so correct me if I'm wrong. My question is about the replacement of specific components. I don't want a manual but only a short information for two cases. Case 1 - A HDD fails : If a HDD fails, can I just replace it with a...
  5. nojohnny101

    Replication error emails, but no errors in GUI

    I'm having some odd behavior recently with replication between two FreeNAS boxes (see sig for details). I have been getting almost daily alerts via email with a wide range of replication errors. Some samples: and and Some observations: - When I check the GUI the next morning (replication...
  6. A

    Mirrored Boot: One of two USB drives failed - How to replace?

    I have a SuperMicro machine with two Sandisk Ultrafit 32g USB drives as boot devices, mirrored. After installing the latest update, the machine too a very long time to reboot and sent me an email that the boot volume state is degraded: The boot volume state is DEGRADED: One or more devices...
  7. nojohnny101

    Odd Replication Behavior

    I am having not really a problem, but just something I don't understand. I recently moved my backup FreeNAS server (see sig) to a remote location and have everything setup and working fine. I can confirm SSH is working. On the first night it was to backup, I got an error similar to this: I...