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  1. T

    SOLVED Help! The volume tank1 state is DEGRADED: One or more devices are faulted in response to persistent errors.

    I ran past my freenas box 15 minutes ago and saw a number of messages on the console. Great. I logged into the web interface and found this error: The volume tank1 state is DEGRADED: One or more devices are faulted in response to persistent errors. Checking the pool status shows this: No...
  2. Stranded Camel

    Mysterious reboot and then BAM! Permanent errors and degraded volume

    My FreeNAS box had been running FreeNAS-11.1-U2 perfectly fine since it came out, and had been running continuously for about three months. Then, a couple hours ago, BAM! -- it rebooted for no reason I can figure. (I confirmed that the reboot was real via the uptime, which was in the minutes...
  3. M

    Green box: An error occurred! Where do i find the full error message?

    Is there a log file where all freenas specific errors are written? I know to look in /var/log/messages others in /var/log/debug Are there other places??? Thanks
  4. T

    Pool state degraded ?

    I am getting the error "The volume ali_pool state is DEGRADED: One or more devices are faulted in response to persistent errors. Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue functioning in a degraded state." the shell reads pool: ali_pool state: DEGRADED...
  5. babblo

    Locked volume snapshot errors

    Hi, I have a certain volume with sensitive information witch most of the time is locked and unlocked as needed, also has periodic snapshot enabled. The problem i'm having with this setup is about FreeNAS sending me a lot of emails saying he can't make the snapshot because the volume does not...
  6. J

    FreeNAS 11 - Import Disk (NTFS)

    Hey gang, So I just attempted to import a NFS formated disk and wanted to followup and get some support. After starting the process of importing the disk I left the dialogue box up and let it do its thing. Meanwhile I noticed it gave no indicator of where it was. So after almost three hours I...
  7. prototype0815

    Win7: Mehrfache Verbindungen zu einem Server nicht möglich

    Hey folks, ich habe in meinem Server derzeit 1 HDD drin mit 2 SMB Shares. Beide SMB Shares habe ich an meinem Laptop eingebunden, und bisher hat auch alles super funktioniert. Es wurde 1 FreeNAS Benutzer angelegt und die Shares über diesen Login/PW eingebunden. Nach einem Neustart des...
  8. M

    Cross Flashed Dell H200 - Faulty?

    Hi Guys So I've been putting together a new nas system, including a cross flashed dell h210. When connecting via the SAS card, I can import my old pool, and it can see disks / smartmon tools etc happily, but I see things like the below: pool: mystorage state: ONLINE status: One or more...
  9. nojohnny101

    Odd Replication Behavior

    I am having not really a problem, but just something I don't understand. I recently moved my backup FreeNAS server (see sig) to a remote location and have everything setup and working fine. I can confirm SSH is working. On the first night it was to backup, I got an error similar to this: I...