1. W

    Mixing same capacity WD Gold and WD Red Pro drives in the same pool?

    Hello, Is is OK (in either Core or Scale) to mix different drive models (of the same capatity) in the same pool? I have 4 WD Red Pros and 4 WD Gold drives, each 10 TB in capacity and wish to make a 8 drive Z2 pool. Thanks in advance for any advise! Wojciech
  2. SangieWolf

    Drives constantly reading/writing

    I tried searching for help but couldn't find anything relevant. One of my drives was giving bad sector errors so I swapped it out and let it resilver, which took quite a few hours. Several days later, I noticed the drives were still constantly busy. I realized that I wasn't on the most recent...
  3. C

    Mirror Pools with different size drives in each Pool

    I'm pretty good with windows, but a noob in linux etc. While I've read several explanations, I do not adequately understand vdevs, pools or ZFS. I currently run a 4TB + 1TB HDDs as a spanned volume on windows 10 as a home server and run a backup weekly to secondary drives all over my network...
  4. M

    No drives in gui drop down menu

    I tried to search for another thread regarding this, as well as Google... but everything i could find sent me to the web admin tools/disks dropdown list. I know my issue is likely related to an ancient 3Ware card, and that I might also have issues with the other 2 options I have. I'm installing...
  5. C

    FreeNAS not detecting SATA drive???

    Okay, so I just built up my NAS like it told me I should. I'm able to get into the interface and everything. It detects the boot drive, but the drive I actually want to be visible on my other network devices (like my PC) which is on SATA does not show up. I can't make a volume because it doesn't...
  6. R

    Disks in read-only mode

    I've two new disks I'm trying to burn-in/test before putting them in production. My FreeNAS server has multiple hot swap bays. (This is a 4U system from ix systems.) I put the two new drives into the empty bays. System sees them and gives them da21/da0 and da42/da43 dev numbers (dual channel...
  7. FreeNAS4Ever

    Recommendation - Two 3-Drive (Raid-Z1) or One 6-Drive (Raid-Z2)

    Hello, I'm building my first NAS and will be running FreeNAS 11. This will be a relatively small build for home use. My plan is to use six WD Red 2TB drives. I had originally thought to build my array with all six drives and use Raid-Z2. My concern with this plan is if I decide to expand...
  8. naslp

    Only first 2 hdds detected

    Installed FreeNAS but it is always detecting only the first 2 drives. I have 4 nos. of 4tb hdds each plugged into lenovo emc pc12-400r. Every time i view the disks tab in FreeNAS i could only find 2 drives from the first two slots. Swap the disks still same problem. Hdds and slots are working...
  9. B

    GA-X48-DS4 - max memory per channel?

    Hi all, noob here. I was wondering if anyone remembers having this board, it will have an e8500 in it. Manual is here - 1) I have a question about the max memory - It's 8Gb and has 4 slots. I'm assuming that means it's 2Gb...
  10. murpmich59

    What to do with 7 drives?

    OK, I have spent several hours searching and browsing threw posts. Need help to point me in a general direction. In the mail on the way: Asrock EP2C602-4L/D16 dual LGA 2011 motherboard 2 ea Xeon E5 2670 v2 10 core CPU's 128gb (16eax8gb) DDR3 1600mhz registered ECC ram...