1. L

    Is it safe to delete old Jails dataset after upgrading to 11.2

    I have upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 and installed a new plug-in for my plex server and migrated everything over to it. I then deleted the old plug-in and all the old jails. Now that I am done, there is still a Jails dataset leftover. Is it safe to delete this (not the one in the new iocage jails)...
  2. eexodus

    Can't remove comment from dataset in web UI

    I accidentally created a comment on my dataset via the web UI and now can't remove it. I can change the comment to something else, but blanking it out to nothing or just a simple " " space does not save the change when clicking Edit Dataset. Is there a way to remove comments via CLI; or has...
  3. K

    Deleted folder

    hi need some help.. ihave no snapshot made before i accidentaly deleted a folder from my smb share. Need some help on how to restore those folder. Thanks
  4. E

    Cannot delete some files (Samba and NFS)

    Hello, I was just deleting and moving files from folder, and I got up to a point where some folders including shortcuts files or thumbs.db files are making me impossible to delete them. It just displays an error saying that the files is being in use by another app (which is not). I am currently...
  5. U

    11.2 Beta2 - system lock up when deleting files

    Hello all, HP Microserver Gen 7 N54L, 8GB, ZFS RaidZ1 4x 4TB WD Red. Running FreeNAS since V8. Home nas, on 24/7. and was updated from v8 to 9.x sometime in 2016. Recently upgraded from 9.10 to 11.1 Beta 1 on 21 July. (didnt realise this was a beta.. o well . lost access to existing Jails and...
  6. L

    Files dissapeared from dataset yet still shows as 9.8TiB is used

    So I was trying to reinstall Radarr on my NAS as my previous version had broken when i updated some of the packages. After messing up with the install for the first time i tried to delete the jail in the iocage folder via ftp then removed the dataset via the WebGUI. After removing the jail, I...
  7. Kingpatzer

    Problem with old Jail

    So I have a jail that was installed by plugin under 9.something. I recently upgraded to 11 and deleted the plugin, but the jail remained. So, now, under Jails I have a an entry, but when I highlight it, there is no trashcan present in the GUI to delete the jail. It does show up under jls...
  8. S

    Como instalar vfs objetc (vfs_audit) e pegar o log?

    Boa tarde Tenho compartilhamento samba e alguns arquivos andaram sumindo. Preciso registrar o que está ocorrendo.... Encontrei que posso adicionar este objeto em Avançado dentro do proprio compartilhamento. Pra mim aparece um chamado "audit" em vez de "vfs_audit", mas acho que pode ser o...
  9. D

    FreeNAS 11 can't delete a dataset

    Hi there, I have a dataset called cloud under my ZFS volume trust I used it for OwnCloud and NextCloud. There is no more share, use from any jail or snapshots of this dataset and for whatsoever, i just can't delete that dataset. Any help, please ;-)
  10. Z

    Deleting files does not free up space & no trash bin?

    Haven't found anyone who has posted anything similar, so I thought I'd ask: I'm using a Mac, and I've noticed that deleting files on my freenas (shared over afp) does not free up any space. Also, each time I try to delete something, I get a prompt that says "This item will be deleted...
  11. M

    Strange issue with l2arc

    Hi all! I'm experiencing a strange issue with l2arc that began after the 9.10.2 update. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same. Basically after a few days of running, FreeNAS suddenly thinks that 700GiB of l2arc has magically transformed into 32EiB (Exabytes!!!) of l2arc. Then...
  12. adnxdo

    [Help] My Files keep going back whenever I delete those files

    Greeting :) I am totally green in the freenas software, all I knew is just how to install that and it was succeed. Now, I am having problem with storage issue. My hardisk is full (100%). Whenever I delete some files/folder, that files/folder can't be deleted. I mean, literally it can be...
  13. R

    High latency at deleting files

    Hi, I'm using a small setup for freenas. Atom 2750, 8GB Ram, 5*2GB HDD Raid5. Configured are one share for SMB and NFS. Read and write performance is ok for me, but deleting files from a Windows PC is extrem slow. Writing troughput is 105MBit, reading about 90MBit, deleting ONLY 5 KBit. Could...