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  1. C

    Help with ZFS datasets for NFS

    If I understand datasets, each one acts like its own filesystem. In my usual workflow, large files will be pulled down into an NFS share, and when complete, moved to another folder. I imagine this is pretty common. I think this means that putting my download folder and final location folder in...
  2. B

    Pool datasets missing from mountpoint

    After a reboot earlier today the pool and all the datasets are missing from the mountpoint (/mnt). The ZPOOL and ZFS listings (as well as the 11.2 GUI storage display show them to be fine. I have tried various things such as export/import the pool to no avail. I am able to create a new...
  3. G

    SMB share: "export recycle bin" with nested datasets

    Probably it was not a good idea what I have done ... :rolleyes: ... (on FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1). My intention is having different Snapshot tasks on nested datasets. I added several datasets as you see in the picture below. All kept their default settings. Then I shared data-private and...
  4. eexodus

    Replicated datasets have invisible directories

    I have a master FreeNAS system backing up to two systems via replication: a backup and disaster recovery. On both the backup and DR FreeNAS systems the replicated datasets appear correctly transferred in the web GUI (besides some minor discrepancies I go over here...
  5. P

    Moving directories between datasets

    I have copied data from an ancient (0.7) FreeNAS server to my 9.10 server. I would like to move some of the directories I copied to a different dataset in the same pool. From a shell, I see the pool is mounted as /mnt/my-pool, and the datasets are /mnt/my-pool/ds-1, /mnt/my-pool/ds-2, etc. (not...
  6. I

    Setting up FreeNAS for file sharing

    Hello all, I am trying to setup FreeNAS v.11 on one my spare system which has only one HDD of 1TB. What I want to do is create few datasets on the mounted volume and share each dataset with different user group with appropriate access rights. So far I have done following: setup FreeNAS on...
  7. R

    Difference in the quotas

    Freenas 9.10-U6. In the advanced dataset options are two fields - "Quota for this dataset and all children" and "Quota for this dataset"? What's the difference? If you quota a dataset (call it Junk, with a quota 500GiB) and then create a dataset under it (lets call that Trash), wouldn't the max...
  8. kroko

    Detect dataset permission type (UNIX/ACL) from terminal

    Hi, I have two scripts that rsync'es multiple datasets to remote. One for UNIX one for ACL datasets, as rsync flags should differ. I could create more general approach using just one script by changing each "associative array" member, it's the way i have set it up (local path and remote path)...