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  1. M

    Adding a second RAID controller to an existing system

    Hi All, I hope this is a straightforward matter to solve :) I run Freenas 9.10 (uprading makes me nervous but i know i need to do it) on a Dell Poweredge T20 intel box with 4 x 4TB internal SATA drives with the Freenas O/S runing on a USB stick. It has worked happily for year and i just have a...
  2. T

    Drive Controller (or cables) failing (SCSI status error)

    I noticed that one of my drives was listed as "fault" and promptly restarted the system to see if the error would go away. The system came back up and the drive was "unavailable". I assumed it was a faulty drive, but switching the cable it was connected which caused a different drive to appear...
  3. I

    Adaptec 71605 Compatibility

    Hi all, I've recently built a machine to be used as a NAS server and bought the Adaptec RAID 71605 Controller to connect additional drives to my machine since my motherboard only has 4 SATA ports. Did I make the wrong choice due to the controller possibly being a RAID controller? I figured I...
  4. I

    PowerEdge T610 12Gbs controller and 10Gb network - newbie

    Hi, My name it's Antonio, living in chicago, strong DIY person. I've played with FreeNAS and feel I'm ready to make the jump to production, but I'm still newbie on building freeNAS systems and best components. Please forgive me if like any other newbie my ideas are not meeting specs and...
  5. Adam Tyler

    Bad JBOD Controller Experience

    Can someone tell me what controller to get please? I just got burned with a Supermicro controller that didn't support FreeBSD and thus wasn't supported on FreeNAS. It looks like there are a bunch of LSI JBOD controllers that will work, but I am seeing quite a bit of chatter out there about...
  6. R

    Can I disconnect an entire pool and not break anything?

    We have a 60 Disk Storinator. We're using 30 disks in a pool that is working very slow for us. We are trying to test a new controller card. Can we connect the controller only to 16 unused disks and start FreeNAS? Will the 30 disk pool that was disconnected come right back once we finish...
  7. C

    SAS controller

    Hello, first time posting. I just installed 9.3 and wanted to create a zfs pool. I was using a raid card for my previous freenas installation and just spent all night reading threads about flashing IT firmware on it but i'm afraid i bricked it. However i learned the difference between IR and IT...
  8. F

    Promise Fasttrack TX4650

    Hallo Zusammen Habe mir einen Promise S-ATA Controller zugelegt, um meine weiteren Festplatten zum Speichern von Daten anzuschliessen. Der Promise Controller und die 4 verbundenen 4TB Festplatten werden im Bios erkannt und korrekt angezeigt. Im Freenas sind aber die Festplatten anschliessend...