cloud sync

  1. sticory

    Cloud sync, jail external storage

    Hey everyone, just enabled cloud sync to a new backblaze b2 subscription. I noticed that after a couple days the "bucket" on backblaze was much larger than the parent dataset that it was supposed to backup. I discovered that this is due to my iocage Plex jail's external storage of ~3TB of...
  2. S

    Backblaze B2 Back up - very slow. just 1.6MB/s

    Hey All, I need to back up my 6tb NAS to backblaze and got it all working, but its been 3 days and only 400gb done. Its averaging about 1.6MB/s Is there any way to speed it up? I am using latest freenas and cloud sync. Backblaze support mentioned multi threading, but cant see that option in...
  3. stomata

    OneDrive token too long (characters) for rclone

    I am trying to configure my OneDrive to my FreeNas. I went through the instructions (, but at the point where you paste the token given, it does not fit in the Shell. It has around 2900 characters, and the limit is at 1920 characters. I have tried multiple times...
  4. Mr. Slumber

    SOLVED Cloud sync with Backblaze B2 limit upload speed

    Following the mindset better save than sorry I maintain a local onsite backup of my files on a different server and thanks to FreeNAS 11.2 an encrypted offsite cloud backup. Done that for some years with Backblaze and never had a problem. There are lots of howtos on how to achieve this with...
  5. A Bull With Yogurts

    Cloud Sync - Backblaze B2 - Class C Transactions Cap Reached 100%

    Would appreciate a bit of help here please. Have set up a daily task to sync 19,000 files with Backblaze B2 across a couple of buckets. Unfortunately, I'm getting a "Class C Transactions Cap Reached 100%" error message emailed to me from Backblaze every day 8mins after the task kicks off...
  6. T

    Restoring from Backblaze B2

    I am totally new to freenas (and non-windows operating systems) so please be patient with my ignorance and mistakes. I recently built a freenas server to host all my families data (movies, pictures, general files, etc). I have 1 pool with about 8 datasets that are shared across my network as...
  7. C

    Cloud sync task overlap behavior?

    I didn't really find anything in the documentation or other research, but what's the behavior if a cloud sync task overlaps itself? Say I have a task that runs weekly (starts midnight Sunday). If the cloud sync task runs long enough that the next week arrives, will the task start another sync or...
  8. M

    Dropbox cloud sync doesn't remove files & folders

    I'm very happy cloud sync was included in 11.2 so I can easily keep a copy of my Dropbox on my home Freenas. After getting my 'cloud credentials' and 'cloud sync' task setup, everything downloaded as expected. I have begun to organize my Dropbox moving files and folders (using another computer...
  9. R

    Cloud Sync Feature Using Significant Amounts of RAM

    Hello, I have been trying to get the Cloud Sync feature setup on 11.2-RC1, but whenever I start a task to backup encrypted to Backblaze B2, I get emails regarding high RAM usage and SWAP usage. It seems that the cloud sync feature is using all 16GB of available RAM. Has anyone else seen this...
  10. J

    S3 Error 22 (AuthorizationHeaderMalformed)

    Hi All, Having a weird issue trying to "Add Cloud Sync" I get: Error 22 An error occurred (AuthorizationHeaderMalformed) when calling the ListBuckets operation: The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-east-1' is wrong; expecting 'eu-west-1' Has anybody else encountered this...
  11. S

    FreeNAS 11.2 Cloud Sync Erro "Increase chunk-size"

    Hello, I just moved over to 11.2 to test out encryption with the cloud sync feature for B2. I am trying to backup almost the entire data set and receive the below error message. Where do I go about increasing the chunk-size? Failed to sync: "XXXXX.bin" too big (4399120252960 bytes) makes too...
  12. L

    Cloud Credentials/Cloud Sync - Google Drive

    Hey all, I was wondering if we could get more information on how to configure Cloud Credentials for Google Drive? I know it's new functionality so the documentation is sparse. I'm sure I'm missing something really silly or making everything overly complicated but I've tried the following to get...
  13. B

    Cloud sync - rclone aux parameters?

    I want to setup cloud sync on my freenas to a Backblaze B2. I've done some tests and everything works fine from the sync perspective however things fall apart with regard to my internet connection. Either my router or my modem simply locks down if the uplink is saturated for long enough time...
  14. M

    Cloud Sync email notification

    Hi, Can i configure email notification of Cloud Sync status? Regards
  15. S

    Cloud Sync

    General question regarding Cloud Sync ... Let's say you have the following scenario: (a) Push Sync with a source dataset of several hundred GBs or even TBs, (b) Provider = Google Drive (unlimited), (c) max upload bandwidth = 70 mbps If the sync task is interrupted for some reason (whether it...
  16. jkstark

    Cloud sync enable/disable

    So, playing with 11.2beta-1, and set up a cloud sync to Backblaze. Didn't really think much of it, and left it at defaults, meaning a continuous sync - which then ended up using up all my Class C requests. My thought was to go in and disable cloud sync temporarily, reset the run times, and...
  17. D

    Can "Cloud Sync" sync compressed data?

    I'd like to sync data with a cloud provider, but I'd like to keep it's compression from the dataset that's syncing. For instance, I have a db backup that's ~400GB, that compresses down to 60GB, I'd like to sync that 60GB of compressed data, not the 400GB of uncompressed data. Can cloud sync do...
  18. MediaManRIT

    Logs for Cloud Sync?

    Does anyone know where logs are kept for Cloud Sync? And, hopefully, how I can tweak the verbosity of those logs? The reason I ask is my Cloud Sync tasks seem to be moving a LOT more data then I'd expect. I'd like to see what it's really doing. Thanks!
  19. Jenlain74

    Cloud Sync with Hubic

    Hello, I'm running FreeNAS 11-STABLE and I'd like to sync my data on my HUBIC cloud storage. In order to use Cloud Sync, I understood I must first create a "Cloud provider" in the system/cloud credentials section. Hubic is not available in the provider list (only amazon s3, azure, backblaze...
  20. J

    FreeNAS 11.1 cloud sync

    I created a cloud sync task using my Backblaze B2 service without a problem. The service correctly uploaded my dataset to the cloud. As it was only a test I then deleted the cloud sync task. I discovered some time later that FreeNAS continued to upload the dataset to the Backblaze. Rebooting...
  21. N

    Cloud Sync status is "Running" then "Waiting" but is not complete

    I just updated to FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE from 11.0-U4 and set up 2 new Cloud Sync tasks to Backblaze B2 buckets. The syncs appeared to be running and were showing a status of "RUNNING" and included the current upload speeds for the tasks but now have both changed to a status of "WAITING." I did...