1. VladTepes

    Documentation is only for GUI? What the?

    I don't know if this is because of the iXsystems site migration etc, but in any event: If I select Documentation - FreeNAS from the top menu it takes me to online documentation which only covers using the GUI, as far as I can tell. That's great except as I can't get into the GUI I need to...
  2. FJoeAZ

    iocage starts but cannot attach console

    I have recently decided to do a fresh install of FreeNAS 11.2 with this fresh install I have setup a new pool for all of my data to live. I completed migrations of my data from the old pool to the new pool but left the legacy data like jails out of the migration. I then created a new iocage...
  3. Tekz

    SOLVED Ansible play for updating FreeNAS

    This thread was initially a different question. I am updating it and the post below to show the Ansible play I've built to manage FreeNAS updates.
  4. Joe Fenton

    List directory information (number of files, folders, and the total size)

    Is there an easy way to list directory information, like you'd see when selecting the properties for a folder on Windows, when on the CLI on a Freenas box? Ideally I'd like to see numbers of files, and then the size down to bytes (not just '234G'). I have a feeling a copy hasn't gone quite...
  5. G

    SMART Testing Information Question

    Hello Everyone, This might be mentioned elseware but a forum / google search didn't jump anything out at me. When using SMART test scheduling and manually calling via smartctl in the CLI. You can run smartctl -l selftest *drive* and it will output the results of the last test. However I...
  6. S

    SOLVED Can't attach disk to existing mirror

    My pool contains a mix of raw devices (/dev/da...) and GPT formatted devices (/dev/gptid/...). I am trying to upgrade a mirrored vdev from 2 to 3 disks, and ZFS isn't having any of it. I can't figure why. The disk is da4 and the vdev I'm trying to add it to is listed as "mirror-2", containing...
  7. M

    zfs rename, hoe werkt het

    Hi, Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe het CLI command: zfs rename precies werkt m.b.t. de bestanden in de dataset? Kan rename gebruikt worden om elke dataset te verhangen in de zpool en zo ja, is het ook mogelijk om een dataset op deze wijze te verhangen naar een andere zpool?
  8. M

    What does: # zfs destroy tank/home/blabla , destroy ? parent, child objects ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the cli command zfs destroy, actually destroys ? I have a couple of zfs objects (don't know what they are), remaining from an old Coral install, that I'm tempted to remove. NAS/.vm_cache 45.7M 8.77T 176K /mnt/NAS/.vm_cache NAS/.vm_cache/boot2docker 45.5M...
  9. M

    Some other way to use the CLI then the build in shell ?

    Hi, Is there some other program or way to use the command line interface then using the build in shell? I'm having a lot of trouble using the shell (enter function, scrolling, small screen, etc etc?)
  10. zoomzoom

    [HowTo] Default Terminal to Clear Output upon File Close

    Updated 2018.08.05: Added xterm-256color info FreeBSD, by default, keeps file output on screen after a file has been closed, which is the opposite of how xterm operates in Linux, and if one prefers the Linux style of xterm, which clears file output from the screen once the file has been closed...
  11. Digitaldreams

    I'm Sorry...Yet Another Transmission Thread

    I hate to create yet another topic on transmission but I have spent literally 2 days (16 hours) looking for a basic guide that will show me some initial steps on doing a clean install, using the CLI, of transmission daemon in a jail without using the plugin. Since I'm a Linux novice, I'm...
  12. V

    Manage iSCSI disk by using CLI

    Hi! Does anyone know how to use CLI to manage iSCSI disk on FreeNAS because I want to write a script to take snapshot and clone snapshot and also map and unmap disk to backup server. Thank you.
  13. StephenFry

    Replacing a drive using CLI - what happens to swap-partition and ashift on new drive?

    This afternoon I assisted a panicked friend who had a failed HDD in his FreeNAS and it led me to an interesting question. To me, at least, because I don't know the answer... He uses, the last 32-bit version, for reasons I'm not aware of. The setup is a 4-drive RAID-Z2. Again, I don't...