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  1. T

    Help with a Video Production NAS Setup

    Hey Guys, First off, thank you for your help! I primarily work on video projects (Premiere Pro) and have been trying to create an optimal solution for my needs. Basically, this is my first venture into TrueNAS and what I want the NAS to be, is the live project machine that a couple client...
  2. K

    My first NAS

    Hello, I want to buy/build a NAS by myself, therefore I need some advise. First, I wanted to buy the ASRock J5005, but it's not available in Germany.... Should I wait until it's available again or should I buy another board (J4205 or J4105)? The NAS should have WOL, min. 4x SATA and should...
  3. tholitz152

    Configuration for 'NOT' saving Pictures, Videos, .exe. etc.

    Hello guys! If I'm mistaken to post here I'm sorry (I'm not sure if this belong to here). Question: Is there any configurations for not saving jpg. mp3. mp4. exe. & etc. What I mean is just only file documentations. Thanks in advance!
  4. N

    From Unraid to FreeNAS with a new build

    At the moment im using Unraid on my Server with this config: CPU Prozessoren: 2 x Intel Xeon E5645 SLBWZ 6C Server Prozessor 6x 2,40 GHz 12MB Cache 1366 CPU RAM: 32GB Registered ECC DDR3 RAM (8x 4GB DIMM) running a Plex Media Server with DVR and the remove advertising function...
  5. michaeleino

    Non-superMicro HW - Dell R740XD/HBA330+ OR Lenovo SR650/430 - 16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA

    I have been using freenas for at least 6 years, with a great performance out of a Huge PC, But now we are going as the book states :) What about the below HW config? do the dell HBA330+ good for freenas ? does it suffer any drawbacks with freenas ? and please any recommended modification for the...
  6. neosbc

    No more Qnap.. migrating to FreeNAS

    Hi all , First of all forgive for my bad English. I have a Nas of Qnap TVS-863, that I do not want it anymore, I am arto of its pesimo software and that in each update things stop working. The last one has been that I have lost data and half of things do not work, so I bought a hardware, for...
  7. lightheat

    First FreeNAS-in-ESXi build -- going the used E5 route.

    Hi gang, I read over the hardware recommendations guide and have tentatively pieced together what I think is a reasonable build. I have the HDDs and the case; the rest I have yet to order, pending opinions. I'm no stranger to IT, and given my desire to make full use of the hardware, I'd like to...
  8. Such_Wolf

    SOLVED Need approbation for a build.

    Hello,i'm planning to make a freeNas build to run Plex and also have for storing pictures. This build is meant to take the less place possible so it will be a 1u server. Procesor INTEL PENTIUM G4560 Motherboard MSI E3M WORKSTATION V5 Ram 16GB KINGSTON DDR4-2133MHZ ECC CL15 (KVR21E15D8/16) Psu...
  9. H

    Home NAS Build Configuration Advise

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and need some advice. I have been reading this forum and the documentation in preparation to build a home NAS for family photos, videos, music and local pc backup along with using Jails and VMs. I see many posts about different raid configurations and...