1. M

    Seagate 8Tb Temperature

    Good Morning, Here is some context. About two days ago I bought a 8Tb Seagate Ironwolf (S# ZA1EDQRG). First thing I did was Clone all of my Data from a 4Tb Seagate IronWolf, the pool was detached in freenas and and the drive unplugged and kept as an offline backup. During the transfer the 8Tb...
  2. pollytheparrot

    8TB drives not showing up in FreeNAS

    So I have a build running FreeNAS 11.1 with a Supermicro 846 box and a SAS2 backplane. There are three M1015's (SAS9220-8i model in IT mode, firmware P20 on all 3). The system itself is two X5660s running on top of a Supermicro X8DTN+ with 72GB of ECC RAM. Doing a RAIDZ2+0 pool with two 10 drive...
  3. B

    3ware 9650SE-24 replacement

    Hello there, Since we just have found out that our 9650SE-24 does not take the new shiny 10TB disks, we are looking into upgrading the HBA. I have seen either the M1015 (based on the LSI 2008 chip) and the 9207-8i (based on the LSI 2308) being recommended, but I wonder... The 9650SE has 3...
  4. T

    Will a Dell PowerEdge R320 support 8TB + drives?

    There seems to be no documentation as to whether this machine will support 8 and 10TB drives. It has a Sandybridge Xeon E5-2407 with an integrated PERC H310 RAID controller. I suspect the controller will work if configured properly, but wonder about the speed. System Specs...
  5. A

    Feedback on possible build for replacing a Synology NAS

    Hi guys! This is my first post here on the FreeNAS forum. I currently own a Synology DS2413+ 12 bay NAS, that is populated with 12*4TB Seagate NAS drives in a Raid 6 configuration. I currently have no good backup plan for this Synology NAS (just backing up really important data to a off-site...
  6. Dice

    Linus tech tips on SMR Archive drives

    Linus is back with some hideous "innovative ideas". Fun thing to note - he obviously came here to read up on the drives performance and STILL went on with the unRAID solution for his tests. Enjoy. Some information presented are perhaps (if considered valid) pretty interesting to judge the long...