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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. Wanderhoden.

    [2019]: Network tunables for 10G NICs

    Hey there, I found some old threads regarding this topic, but they seem to be outdated / deliver no essential information. After upgrading to 10 gbe recently I did observe that the network with iperf3 was quite slow. I just peaked at around 4 GBit/s on both sites. On my windows machine (Asus...
  2. C

    HP NC550SFP

    Hello, I have installed FreeNAS 11.2U6 on one of my machines - but the HP NC550SFP does not show up after the install. It is initialized during the boot, but seems like the driver is not catching it. Please help :)
  3. N

    question on build for family needs

    Hi everyone I've been lurking and reading you all for a long time trying to familiarize with the subject, but I'm still a noob, so please be patient :-) I'd like to start my first build, my main goals are "high performance", low consumption, low cost. You can find on ebay lots of rack server...
  4. N

    parere su hardware per la mia prima realizzazione

    buongiorno a tutti :-) Vorrei realizzare un free NAS per uso familiare, con cio' intendendo max 2 o 3 utenti contemporaneamente, nessuna transcodifica video in tempo reale, ma magari sarebbe interessante installare NextCloud. Lo scopo principale e' che tutti i file di casa, e degli utenti...
  5. bferrell

    10G Speeds wildly up and down?

    I'm checking my speeds, and I get 7+ across most of my network, to and from my Macs, my R720-based Ubuntu VMs, and my QNAP NAS that I store my Plex data on, but when I check my 11.1U7 FreeNAS at the shell I get crazy up and down results (all core network components are Ubiquiti USW-XG and USG-XG...
  6. Z

    1st freenas build, please give opinions & advice!

    Ok, so i'm getting ready to build a workstation and a NAS/vm/rendering assisting machine. I'm currently capturing 1080p60 and lower video for youtube content, and hope to upgrade to 4k over the next year or 2 ( i am going for 4K capture cards, along with having a backup for older analog sources)...
  7. RKMStudios

    Slow speeds on AFP.

    Hello, This is my first post in this community, so I apologize if I don't give all the information that is needed. I am eager to learn, but very new to a lot of this. I have a 2U all flash system purchased from iXsystems and I am having some difficulty maximizing the throughput to my clients...
  8. P

    Awful NFS/SMB write performance

    Im using FreeNAS as VM storage and it is connected directly to the VM host with a 10Gb Ethernet link. When doing sequential writes over NFS I only get 10-15MB/s while reads are around 120MB/s. If I copy the same file with SFTP, writes are 120MB/s too so it clearly isnt a disk speed issue. I have...
  9. S

    SOLVED Strange performance issues

    Specs/configuration: FreeNAS-11.1-U6 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz 262,071 MB ECC RAM Six 10-GbE ports in a lagg going into a NETGEAR ProSafe M7100-24x Jumbo frames enabled everywhere, in each member of the trunk, in all the ports in the switch, and at each client Four RAID-Z3...
  10. J

    10G NIC Jail issues

    Hey Guys, I'm a long time FreeNas user and I've had 10G Nic's in my servers for years. I started having problems in 11.0 with the change of the jails virtualization system. Whenever a jail is started when running on 10G the server becomes unresponsive until I kill all jails from the command...
  11. M

    Upgraded from 11.1U2 to U4, then U5. 10GbE SMB and NFS no longer work. How to diagnose?

    Can anyone suggest how I can find the root cause of my problem? I hate taking shots in the dark. Thanks in advance! Symptom: From the time I set this server up about 6 months ago until last week I was able to access SMB and NFS shares over 10GbE connections from all my other machines...
  12. M

    Slow 10Ge ZFS send/receive

    I installed a Chelsio T420-BT 10Gbe in my new FreeNAS Mini and it is connected point-to-point to a similar card in my soon-t-be retired ZFS on Linux server. MTU on both cards is set to 9000. When I initially ran iperf, the link was transferring something over 900 MB/s. A file transfer over...
  13. Brezlord

    SOLVED 10GbE ESXi 6.5 VMXNET 3 performance is poor with iperf3 tests.

    Hi all, I have been doing some testing with iperf3 and FreeNAS running as a VM in ESXi 6.5 and have found that 10Gbe networking to be poor. I have kept it simple and kept FreeNAS and a CentOS 7 VM on the same host to take any issues with switches and cabling out of the picture. Everything is...
  14. panther320

    Network Upgrade Questions

    Hi FreeNAS users, So I've owned a FreeNAS nas for a few months now, with the following specs: i5-760 8GB RAM 1x, yes, you heard me right, just one WD Caviar SE 750GB HDD Biostar TH55HD Integrated Gigabit LAN on my home network As you can probably imagine from these specs, I am itching for an...
  15. I

    SOLVED Chelsio T520-SO-CR fake?

    Hi friends, I bought a Chelsio T520-SO-CR off ebay. What showed up doens't look anything like pictures I've seen. I cannot find any info when I put in what I think is the board revision number or the Part Number. (110-1188-50 Rev A or PT2170820) MAC:00:07:43:3E:AC:C8 I've included some pics...
  16. R

    2 Subnets 1 NAS

    Hello! I just completed my first dedicated FreeNAS build, and it's been great so far. What I'm finding is that I'm bottlenecking my transfer speeds by using Gbe. I designed this as a backup AND active storage solution, so all of my PCs can be SSD only, then have my data folders mapped for easy...
  17. I

    Should I use a dedicated VLAN for Time Machine Backups

    Hi, I have 25 Macs backing up to my FreeNAS connected to the switch via 10Gbe SFP. Should I have a dedicated VLAN for backups?
  18. DeaDSouL

    Upgrading from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE caused many issues!

    Hi, My FreeNAS server was working just fine until I did the following 1) Upgraded the FreeNAS (from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE). 2) Upgraded the ECC-RAM (from 128GB to 256GB). 3) Enabled System->Advanced->Enable autotune. Then, the FreeNAS started to throw some errors. Like: First when I...
  19. D

    FreeNAS ZIL Cache mit 4 SSD´s

    Hallo ich möchte in einem FreeNAS Server einen ZIL Cache hinzufügen mit 4 SSD´s, wenn ich das mache und kann ich bei 4 ausgewählten SSD´s nur Mirror auswählen ist das dann sowas wie ein Raid 10? Ich möchte durch den Cash eine Schreibgeschwindigkeit um die 1GB/s (10GBE Netzwerk) bekommen. Ist das...
  20. I

    Mellanox Connectx-2 with FreeNAS 11

    I just got in a Mellanox Connectx-2 card and put it into my FreeNAS server. I have been unsuccessful at getting it to work. FreeNAS is able to see the card and i am able to see it in the command line network configuration of FreeNAS. When I set it as the default nic and give it a static ip...
  21. M

    New cheap Asus XG-C100C NIC

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago I read about the Asus XG-C100C Nic. Has anyone already done any testing/any experience with this Nic one a FreeNAS Machine?
  22. M

    SOLVED 10Gbe Transfer Speed issue + Guide?

    SOLVED: So I created a stripe/RAID0 and iperf continued giving me the exact same results, however, with a ramdisk I was getting full 10gbe throughput both ways. I guess with RAIDZ was the bottle neck for the write speeds! =( lol. Also, for anyone using this as a guide, I deleted all the...
  23. J

    FreeNAS w/ Thunderbolt-3 peer-to-peer transfer?

    i want to build a FreeNAS to work with the new MacBook Pro. I want to do editing directly from the NAS and I want fast speeds. I know that there is support for the MacBook Pro thunderbolt3 to 10gbe adapter to a 10gbe equipped nas, but I rather not do it this way. New motherboards are coming...
  24. Spearfoot

    SOLVED 10GbE FreeNAS servers are constrained when receiving network data

    EDIT (16 May 2017): Enabling jumbo frames solved the problem. I'm getting > 9 Gigabits/second with the gear described here. I have a problem with 10GbE networking between FreeNAS servers: they seem to be constrained when receiving network data. The servers I'm configuring a new All-In-One...
  25. M

    Supermicro 847 build help

    Need a bit of newbie guidance.. End goal: A 10Gbe server to keep AV media at working speed for single user production. Inspired by popular cinevate 10gbe guide ( Went and bought - Supermicro SE-847E16-R1K28LPB...
  26. Simon Sparks

    FreeNAS and Fibre Channel ??

    Hi Guys, I have read several blog posts that say you can configure the iSCSI sharing and it also somehow mystically works with fibre channel too. I am asking because I have been given a Cisco DS-C9148-48P-K9 48-Active Ports Multilayer Fabric Switch & 48 x Cisco DS-SFP-FC8G-SW 8GbFC SFP+ and a...
  27. SCS

    Planned FreeNAS Build (Looking for Feedback before I finish ordering)

    I've run FreeNAS for a number of years now on a very low power AMD E-350 CPU, 16GB DDR3 non ECC RAM, and only the capability of 4 onboard SATA, and limited expansion via 1x PCIe slots after adding a dual port Intel Nic. Great part is it consumes only about 20w with the 4 x 2TB drives. I've kept...
  28. T

    Poor Performance on 10 GbE and 5 disk striped SSD RAID

    Hi I have build this system: 2x E5-2640 v3 Intel 8 Core Xeon 2.60GHz Supermicro X10DRi-T, Dual Intel 10GbE LAN,16 Dimm Slots (upto 1TB RAM), On Board Graphics, On Board SATA RAID 0,1, IPMI & Remote KVM 8x 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC Registered DIMM Module 2x Intel 120GB SATA SSD S3500 Enterprise...
  29. Gabriel Oberreuter

    Determining Bottleneck - IBM x3630 M3 as FreeNAS box

    Hello! I am Gabriel, new to this forum, and kind of new to FreeNAS. First of all, thanks for all your effort. I have been using FreeNAS for two months, and the experience have been very positive so far ;). I want to ask you guys to help me understand how to determine bottlenecks when using...
  30. S

    Physical vs. Virtual FreeNAS + iSCSI vs. NFS: performance testing results.

    Hi everyone, I've wanted to see how well FreeNAS would perform in back to back tests on physical vs. virtual hosts on the same hardware for a while now and finally have all the parts together to do some initial testing. My vision is to have a single box that can do it all for my homelab and...
  31. BrightZoltar

    Hey All!

    I have been using FreeNAS off and on for a while now, but I am a novice with FreeBSD. I am in the process of reconfiguring a backup server with 10Gb Intel cards at home with [36 TB PC/Plex Media server] <--[Dual 10Gb--> [ growing 25 TB backup server] I am using my old 3TB drives in the...
  32. JustinClift

    Possibly useful Procurve + Mellanox ConnectX info

    Hi all, Just in case it's of interest or useful to someone, the (CX4) 10GbE modules for the old HP Procurve 3400cl switches seems to work decently with Mellanox cards in 10GbE mode. :) (I had a bunch of computer and comms gear in storage overseas for a few years. It turned up earlier this...