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Nextcloud and Collabora Integration

Nextcloud and Collabora Integration

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
Instructions for deploying Collabora CODE on TrueNAS SCALE are included in this update. Load balancing CODE is also considered.
This resource has been updated to use Caddy V2 and Nextcloud 19 in the examples.

Other notable changes in this update:
  1. Caddy V2 code blocks are supplied for Nextcloud, OnlyOffice and Collabora.
  2. For Nextcloud to operate correctly behind a reverse proxy, config.php overwrite parameters need to be modified.
An optional Step 7 has been added to this resource. It will ensure the latest version of the Collabora CODE Server is always presented to Nextcloud on FreeNAS.
This update brings us one step closer to the automatic updating of the Collabora CODE server. Docker Compose is the enabler for this.

Update instructions are provided below for those who have applied the previous update.

1. From a Ubuntu terminal window, remove the Collabora CODE Server container sudo docker rm -f collabora-code.

2. Remove the Collabora CODE image. First list all images sudo docker images -a, then delete the Collabora CODE image using sudo docker rmi <ImageID>. See the example below.


e.g. sudo docker rmi e2528d821ea7

Now revisit steps 3 and 4 of this resource.
Just some minor tidying up, removal of superfluous commands and updates to 'humanise' this resource a little more and to match it more closely to the Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Integration resource.

Update instructions are provided below for those who have used the original version of this resource. While this step is entirely optional, future releases of this resource will use Docker Compose for installing and automatically keeping the Collabora Office Server current, so if that is of interest to you, please keep on top of the updates.

1. Rename the Collabora container.

From a Ubuntu terminal window sudo docker rename CODE collabora-code