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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. Joon

    The TrueNAS Upgrade Your NAS with Western Digital Giveaway

    Hi Community members, We have an exciting #TrueNASgiveaway here that you should enter to win! One lucky winner will receive $100 worth of credit to use in our TrueNAS Store, a merch bag from Western Digital, and 5x 10TB WD Red Plus NAS Drives. Best of luck to all the participants! Enter the...
  2. Joon

    Here's how to save $45,000 with Linus Tech Tips's TrueNAS Build aka The Sensible Jellyfish Fryer

    Hey Community members! Here's a great video from Linus Tech Tips where he sets up a TrueNAS build and mentions TrueNAS! He talks about TrueNAS in 13:03 of the video. Check it out!
  3. Basil Hendroff

    Let's Encrypt Local Servers and Devices 1.0

    When accessing internal servers and devices, are you tired of seeing warning messages from your browser informing you that 'Your connection is not secure'? Want to set up secure communication for supported systems? This scripted resource builds a Let's Encrypt toolbox in a jail including...
  4. F

    Setting up NGINX Reverse-Proxy, Cloudflare Let’s Encrypt SSL for NextCloud, DDNS on Truenas 12 Core 2020-11-10

    Hi, I recently upgraded to TrueNas Core from FreeNas 11.3 and NextCloud Stopped working. I had to re-setup everything and was able to reinstall and configure NextCloud without any issues. Here is the full tutorial. Cheers!
  5. S

    Completely wipe/destroy, install new disks in, and reinstall FreeNAS (in a TrueNAS)

    Hi guys I have to upgrade the capacity of a Freenas Mini. The current system has 4x2tb disks (looks like a striped mirror) and these will be replaced with 4x4tb disks. I've already copied the data off so I wasn't even going to try an in-place upgrade/expansion. The goal is to install the new...
  6. L

    TrueNAS 可以单买授权码

    您好,我是中国广东深圳的存储服务商,现在手上有能够支持双活的机器,类似Truenas的硬件产品,但是软件上,可不可以用TrueNAS。 2个问题 1 TrueNAS 可以卖授权吗 2 TrueNAS 在中国有代理渠道吗,我认为这个纯粹从美国进口似乎很不方便 如果有可能,请告诉我。