1. F

    TrueNAS vmware ESXi - Passthrough issue

    Hi guy ! My route is virtulize everything. Every server I run is virtualize inside VMWare EXSi, but I'm stuck! I have a Asrock H670 itx motherboard and an Intel i5 12600k processor, in vmware I don't have the possibility to activate the "passthrough" on my SATA controller. So I'm looking...
  2. H

    Help - need HBA recommendations for ESXI Supermicro server with tiered storage.

    Good day I have a Supermicro CSE-829U that uses a X10DRU-i+ motherboard with ESXI 7 u2 installed, up until now I've been using a Dell PERC h730 to tier my storage, I have the following set up: Chassis: Supermicro CSE-829U 2U 12x 3.5” CPU: Intel xeon e5 2680 v4 RAM: Samsung pc4-2133p ddr4 17000...
  3. M

    Truenas not initiate

    Hello, i instaled truenas core 13.0-U4, my hardware is dell power edge t105 mobo - RR825 0RR825 CN-0RR825 processor - quad-core AMD Opteron. ssd 240 gb hdd 2x 10 tb ram ddr2 8 gb When the system initiate, it show me "starting devd", and not runned no more
  4. M

    Best setup for TrueNAS iSCSI storage device

    I am needing a storage device to store our backup data on. The application I will be using is ARCserv which does a backup and then just keeps that original full and adds on the incrementals to make new fulls that will be backed up to tape on a weekly basis. Since it will be using the original...
  5. wsoteros

    New TrueNAS Video!

    Hey Community users! We just released an updated video on How to Install TrueNAS CORE! Drop a comment on the video and let us know what you think! Be sure to stay tuned for more TrueNAS videos coming in the near future! Also, which videos would you like to see made about TrueNAS? We love...
  6. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted Detection of SMR Drives 0.5

    SMR technology is a timebomb waiting to go off in a ZFS file system. This quote from Slashdot... Want to know more? Start with this community thread Update: WD Red SMR Drive Compatibility with ZFS TrueCommand has a built-in check for known WD SMR drives on connected TrueNAS servers. However...
  7. Joon

    The TrueNAS Upgrade Your NAS with Western Digital Giveaway

    Hi Community members, We have an exciting #TrueNASgiveaway here that you should enter to win! One lucky winner will receive $100 worth of credit to use in our TrueNAS Store, a merch bag from Western Digital, and 5x 10TB WD Red Plus NAS Drives. Best of luck to all the participants! Enter the...
  8. Joon

    Here's how to save $45,000 with Linus Tech Tips's TrueNAS Build aka The Sensible Jellyfish Fryer

    Hey Community members! Here's a great video from Linus Tech Tips where he sets up a TrueNAS build and mentions TrueNAS! He talks about TrueNAS in 13:03 of the video. Check it out!
  9. Basil Hendroff

    Let's Encrypt Local Servers and Devices 1.1

    When accessing internal servers and devices, are you tired of seeing warning messages from your browser informing you that 'Your connection is not secure'? Want to set up secure communication for supported systems? This scripted resource builds a Let's Encrypt toolbox in a jail including...
  10. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted WordPress Installation (for Reverse Proxy) 2.3.5

    If the statistics are to be believed, in 2021: WordPress powers 40% of the internet. Around 64% of CMS sites are WordPress. Around 28% of WordPress sites run e-commerce. Around 75% of hacked CMS sites were built on WordPress :oops: There are few current guides in the iXsystems Community Forum...
  11. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted Tautulli Installation 1.1

    As evidenced in the forum thread Tautulli been running fine but now can't start, the transition from Python 2 to 3 has been somewhat bumpy for Tautulli users on FreeNAS. The Tautulli FreeBSD/FreeNAS Installation Instructions lends itself to scripting, however, it leaves the Tautulli database in...
  12. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted Resilio Sync Installation

    Resilio Sync has disappeared from the FreeNAS Plugins Collection. Curiously, while Resilio Sync can still be compiled from a FreeBSD port, due to licensing restrictions, a pre-built binary package of the port is no longer available, so pkg install rslsync returns nothing from the FreeBSD...
  13. Basil Hendroff

    Nextcloud and Collabora Integration

    Collabora and OnlyOffice are popular office suite choices for Nextcloud. This is a collection of notes on how to get Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) working in Nextcloud behind a reverse proxy on FreeNAS. To realise this, a number of building blocks need to be put together. Credits...
  14. Basil Hendroff

    Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Integration

    Collabora and OnlyOffice are popular office suite choices for Nextcloud. This is a collection of notes on how to get OnlyOffice working in Nextcloud behind a reverse proxy on FreeNAS. To realise this, a number of building blocks need to be put together. Credits @danb35 : Nextcloud and Caddy...
  15. S

    Completely wipe/destroy, install new disks in, and reinstall FreeNAS (in a TrueNAS)

    Hi guys I have to upgrade the capacity of a Freenas Mini. The current system has 4x2tb disks (looks like a striped mirror) and these will be replaced with 4x4tb disks. I've already copied the data off so I wasn't even going to try an in-place upgrade/expansion. The goal is to install the new...
  16. L

    TrueNAS 可以单买授权码

    您好,我是中国广东深圳的存储服务商,现在手上有能够支持双活的机器,类似Truenas的硬件产品,但是软件上,可不可以用TrueNAS。 2个问题 1 TrueNAS 可以卖授权吗 2 TrueNAS 在中国有代理渠道吗,我认为这个纯粹从美国进口似乎很不方便 如果有可能,请告诉我。