Write to OS Disk via ZFS misconfig/workaround

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Jun 14, 2011
FreeNAS seems to need at least two disks for the GUI to work as intended. I managed to have the opposite problem. I added disks and created a way to mount my volume wrong which ended up storing files on my OS drive.

What I did was:

create 2 .vmdk drives in addition to my OS .vdi in the VirtualBox VM manager
added all drives to the VM

In FreeNAS via command line

mkdir /mnt/mountpoint

Then in the FreeNAS GUI

Add the other disks from earlier as a volume and mount it at /mnt/mountpoint

Boom! Now you are writing to the OS Disk when the automatic mountpoint and the CLI entered mount point overlap.

Maybe this information is of no use to anybody, but the point of this and the feature I am suggesting is to look to see if the mount directory already exists. When it does and you create a ZFS volume on top of a directory with the same name -- you write to the directory and not the volume. Regular standard mounting procedures make this issue probable. Not the end of the world by any means, but just weirdness I made happen on accident that was not handled.

For me it was a glitch, for someone else it could be a workaround.
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