will this be enough?

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Aug 19, 2013

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been meaning to build a NAS for my home network. I'm looking to build it out of scratch, and minimalizing the power consumption as much as possible.

The NAS will be used for photo storage (2x2TB), raid 1. I'll have two of these set up, for a total of 4 drives. This is my preferred set up. I have looked into zfs, raid 6, etc, but this way I can change the drives and keep older drives (that are filled), stored away.

Then I will have two hard drives for file storage, backup, movies, etc.

This is the hardware I have planned :

Gigabit celeron 847
Seasonic 360w 80plus gold
8gb memory 1333ghz
6x2 tb WD red drives.
Vantec 6port sata 2 PCI host card
Fractal design node 304

As an alternative:
Asrpock h61mv Itx board
Pentium g630t
Intel dual gigabit nic.

I think the vantec card will bottleneck speeds, but I personally think using the Pentium g630t is a bit overkill for a simple home freenas
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