Virtualbox to Bare Metal


Aug 24, 2023
I have been using TrueNas Core for a few years now and find it very useful. My setup is:
Headless Virtualbox on Debian 11
Root drive is VDI
6 disks in pool (2x 2tb, 4x .5tb) arranged as mirrored pairs striped, all are in raw disk mode

At this point I have migrated all the other virtual machines away from that virtualbox server and thought I may as well just run it as TrueNas from Bare Metal on the same hardware. It also makes logical sense to move to TrueNas Scale at this point.

I am trying to come up with a migration plan and there are some gaps.

1) first step is to export the raw disk pool
2) Is there a way to back up my configuration files from Truenas? Is this backup something that could import into TrueNas Scale (I would imagine not, but good to check). If not, lots of screen shots of current configurations
3) Shut down the VM and then the server. Remove the Debian Boot SSD and keep it as a backup. Install a new Boot SSD, keeping the raw disks in place.
4) Install TrueNas Scale on new SSD.
5) Reconfigure new installation to simulate config from old TrueNas core install
6) import the pool on new install.

Anything I am missing here or any gotchas I should look out for?

Thanks everyone