ver 9.3 - DO NOT USE Wizard-->Automatic Volume Creation

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Feb 7, 2015
## DO Not use Wizard automatic Volume creation if you have a HDD with data##

Hi everyone,
I love freenas and I have been using it in multiple environments/setups.

The automatic setup options which give you the choice to create a volume will automatically create a volume without giving you the option to select a drive and will use full HDD size and break any partitions you may have

I thought of using the 9.3 to build a new system with a bunch of my old drives. So I copied all data from 3 drives to a single drive (4th drive) prior to freenas installation and then did my installation. So pretty much a new freenas build on USB, with 4 physical hdds (3 empty, 1 with data). After the installation, i thought of testing the wizard and on the step which it was asking to create a volume and share, I selected 1 windows/CIFS and gave a name, hoping I can select the disk on the next step.

" NO " - without any warning or option to select a drive, freenas will select a drive (i donno the logic on disk selection) and create the volume and share for you. In my case, Free NAS decided to wipe my 500GB drive which I had all my data and create the new partitions... There goes my data with the numbers of hours of selective copying...

Call it my stupidity... But I just wanted to share the message so another sould doesnt go through what I'm going through right now-- messing with winhex to recover all data.


Ah, you got bit as there were unformatted disks available, which is the logic for displaying the screen.

The other possible way to get bit by this is to have an existing encrypted pool as this screen will also be displayed in this case.
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