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Update From CORE to SCALE Fails (TrueNAS CORE in VirtualBox VM)


Jan 27, 2016
Hi everyone!

Figured it would be best to build a CORE VM with Plex and Syncthing jails to attempt a migration from CORE to SCALE so I can practice screwing up the future change from Jails to TrueChart apps. :smile:

Got the VM working correctly with data residing in Plex and Syncthing jails ...

Did the migration from CORE to SCALE using this guide ....

1 - Install/Upgrade
2 - Selected Disk to install SCALE on (sda ... 32 GB VBOX HD)
3 - Upgrade Install
4 - Install in new boot environment
5 - Proceed with upgrade (warning about installing into existing zpool on sda)

... and it fails.

Occurred three times. Did a quick search of topics in the forums and didn't see this issue. Trying to determine if I am special or if I found a bug.

umount: /mnt: not mounted
/dev/: is a directory
/dev/: is directory

proceeded to extracting files .... post-install tasks .... and it then fails ...

SCALE upgrade failure error.jpg

Granted this may be an artifact of me doing this in VirtualBox ... or screwing up the initial install in VIrtualbox .....

I can shutdown the VM, drop the CDROM down the boot priority and it will boot back into CORE successfully off of sda.

What did I screw up?

Thanks again!