Truenas Scale Cobia 23.10.2 hang


Jul 11, 2023
My Truenas scale Cobia installation is generally very stable and runs for weeks or months without any issues.

But today at c. 12 noon it "hung".

When I spotted this at c. 15:00 It was responding to network pings, but neither SMB nor admin web interface nor SSH would connect. The power button would not initiate a structured shutdown, so in the end I held the power button for 10-20secs and it turned off, and when I turned it on again it booted fine.

/var/logs/messages has a gap between 12:00.:14 and the reboot time. The admin Reports shows a gap in CPU load between 12:06:46 and the reboot time, for CPU temp after 11:49:51, for memory usage after 12:09:11, for zfs stats after 12:08:42, for disk activity on boot/apps pool SSD after 12:04:50, but for disk temps much earlier after 08:45:00.

I have no idea why the SMART disk temp logs stopped so early.

I would like to try to work out why it hung if possible. Can anyone suggest what I can do to find out more?