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Mar 25, 2021
TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 “Cobia was released in October 2023 and has been deployed over 60,000 times since then, setting a new record for TrueNAS adoption rate. To date, TrueNAS SCALE is running on over 105,000 systems with over 2,000 petabytes of storage managed. On February 22nd, we released TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.2 for download.

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.2 is the second maintenance update to 23.10 with over 60 improvements and bug fixes. In less than two weeks, over 20,000 users have updated with very few issues reported. We are already recommending that users update their Cobia systems to this latest release. Visit the TrueNAS Software Status Page for our most up-to-date recommendations.

The software quality of TrueNAS SCALE is now approaching the high level of TrueNAS CORE 13.0. Some of our largest Enterprise users have already sidegraded to 23.10.2 with good experience and performance results. The most significant advantages of 23.10 are:

TrueSecure features: FIPS-grade encryption and rootless administration are required for many Federally compliant use-cases.

Mixed NFSv4/SMB workloads: Consistent ACLs and file locks simplify this use-case where Linux/Unix servers and Windows clients need to use both NFS and SMB to access files on the same dataset.

Faster HA Failover: The failover process has been streamlined with VRRP to reduce times by typically 50%. Under 30 second failovers are now normal and have little impact on VMs and applications.

File Sync: The Syncthing App can be used to sync or migrate SMB or NFS files between TrueNAS systems in real-time.

F-Series: The all-new, all-NVMe TrueNAS F-series appliances with HA are built on TrueNAS 23.10. This high bandwidth beast is built for video-editing, AI, extreme virtualization performance, and other demanding applications. It is the industry’s fastest HA ZFS machine.

Enterprise users looking to make this transition should discuss with their iX support representatives and create a plan.

Cobia Update Improves Reporting, Privacy, and Compatibility​

The Cobia 23.10.2 update is primarily focused on bug fixes and updates. Some of the highlights include:

  • Linux Kernel 6.1.74
  • OpenZFS 2.2.3 early patch set (fully compatible with ZFS 2.2.2)
  • More accurate disk temperature and network performance reports
  • Improved privacy for debug files submitted with support tickets
  • Allows for larger application catalogs
  • Over 60 additional bug fixes

There are still some corner-case issues with third-party Apps, GPUs and Kubernetes. These are under active investigation, and support from the Community to debug these issues is greatly appreciated. There are a wide variety of hardware and App deployment scenarios.

Most new features are now being added to Dragonfish which is well into its BETA phase. The 24.04 BETA version has over 1,000 users providing feedback and refinements that will be candidates for inclusion in the RC.1 version planned for March 2024.

More information can be found in the TrueNAS SCALE release notes. To join the over 100,000 users already using TrueNAS SCALE, download the installer here or use the System Update feature from within your existing TrueNAS install.


What TrueNAS SCALE Will Become​

With the collaborative nature of open source software development as a cornerstone of iXsystems, TrueNAS SCALE will become the solution that the community wants it to be. All iXians (what we refer to ourselves at iX) are part of the community, and we rely on feature requests and feedback to provide valuable insight into the way that you, the user base, makes use of the functionality of TrueNAS to best serve your needs for True Data Freedom.

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