TrueNAS Scale as intermediate NAS


Mar 11, 2024
I'm having I think a bit of a niche problem I think, as I did not find anything similar on Google or the Forums.
I would like to run TrueNAS Scale virtualized on my small Proxmox Server(16GB RAM, ~2TB SSD Storage) as an intermediate NAS, that only caches files before offloading them to a larger, off-site Synology NAS connected via VPN with larger HDDs.

Does TrueNAS Scale, or Core for that matter, have any feature for doing a kind of rsync tiered-storage? I would mainly use the TrueNAS share for Time-Machine Backups and so on, so read speeds are not as important, but being able to allocate only about 1TB or less to a TrueNAS VM would be nice, as storage is limited.

The idea would be to have a single local share with something like 6TB of capacity, with TrueNAS only using its small allocated Proxmox disk, and anything else is copied and fetched to and from the larger off-site NAS.

- HDDs are too loud for two-room apartment, so a different NAS with large HDDs is currently at the families house
- Synology NAS was existing hardware, which is why off-site NAS is not powered by TrueNAS


Aug 19, 2017
I don't really see the point in allocating resources for TrueNAS for this scenario.. making a gateway like this to a main NAS would be trivial with a small *nix or BSD VM on your proxmox machine that runs rclone with crontab.

Your problem is coordinating the backups, as Time Machine wont work if you break it up like you plan. You need to trick TM that the content is still on your local share after they have been unloaded, and you need a way of retrieving them. I would look into setting up TM on site and then run everything over wireguard once the initial copy has happend.